Welcome to Shallow Dives

Hello there, welcome to my new blog.

This will be a place where I take small, but not meaningless looks into the anime world. We’ll talk about Ecchi, Harem, Shonen, Shoujo, Slice of Life, really anything that crops up. Expect some concise, but not all too in-depth thoughts. Think of it as a bite-sized thinkpiece for those on the go. No long manifestos, or diatribes here!

We’ll be discussing current and past anime. Some classic and personal favorites, and new-found gems that crop up in each season. We may even take a look at some non-anime things as well.

I also have a blog on Tumblr, where I’ve rough drafted some of my earlier work. I’ll be reposting some older entries on this site. Check it out here! https://dewbond.tumblr.com/

I hope you enjoy what you read!



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