Fatevember: Quick Thoughts on Heaven’s Feel: Lost Butterfly Trailer 2

Fatevember will continue this week with a look at the other three main spinoff series (Apocrypha, Last Encore, and Grand Order: First Order), but I first wanted to drop a post sharing some quick thoughts on the second trailer of Heavens’ Feel: Lost Butterfly, the second installment of the Heaven’s Feel trilogy.

As I stated before in my look into the first movie Presage Flower (which you can find here.) That movie was hampered in many ways by having to be 90% set up for the rest of the story. This film, however, seems to be doing exactly what I want by kicking things right into high gear.

Once again, everything looks absolutely gorgeous. Say what you will about Fate, as many people on the internet have, but you can’t deny that Studio Ufotable is pouring millions into making these movies look absolutely stunning. I’m really looking forward to finally seeing Sakura Matou step into the spotlight and getting to watch the major plot divergences that Heaven’s Feel is famous for. Also excited to see Illyasviel step center stage as well, as she acts very much like the secondary heroine in the route.

Presage flower was a good start, but I am hoping that Lost Butterfly starts delivering the goods, and by the looks of this trailer. I think Fate fans are in for a really fun ride.

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