On the Radar for Fall 2018: The (mostly) eight-episode check-in.

Hey guys.

Fatevember wraps up next week with a look at the two final animes and some closing thoughts, but we are taking a break today to look at our current anime lineup. The fall 2018 season is winding down with most shows only having 4 or so episodes left, so I thought I’d make a post to give some thoughts on the shows I’m still watching after eight episodes! Let’s get into it after the cut!

Image result for anime fall
Conception still sucks. Alchemist Knight was just disappointing.


Rock that tightrope act baby.

My Thoughts after 8 Episodes: Uzamaid! has done extremely well in walking the tightrope of balancing the dark comedy of its premise and the ‘icky’ concepts of what it’s showing. In between the laugh out loud moments of our titular maid, there is a story of a young girl trying to cope without her mother, and rebuild a life without them in it. The show has also made great strides in letting the viewer know that both the creators and characters are aware of how weird the idea of a maid obsessing over a young girl actually is. I’m still loving this show for just how funny it can be, and I still get why some people couldn’t get past the premise.

Status:  Still Watching, laughing and enjoying, and glad Japan is self-aware enough to acknowledge the unsettling elements of this story inside the story itself.

Goblin Slayer

Slay me between your thighs, Priestess.

My Thoughts after 8 Episodes: The world of Goblin Slayer felt a little too “safe” for our heroes in the last few episodes, but last week’s outing proved once again how good this show is in showing you why our hero would be focused on wiping out all goblins. It’s got great action, wonderful music, and can still make me jump up in my seat and fear for the lives of our cast. If you dropped this because of the first episode, think about giving it a further look. Watching a fantasy anime where the end of world threat doesn’t exist has been a breath of fresh air and I almost don’t want to leave it, unless Sword Maiden or Priestess said so…

Status: Still watching and wishing I could nestle between those loving thighs.

Rascal does not dream of a Bunny Girl Senpai

Tied with Golden Kamuy for Anime of the Year.

My Thoughts after 8 Episodes: There will be many different views, videos, articles and takes on Bunny Girl Senpai which is the shoo-in winner for the “Don’t judge an anime by its cover’ award this year. There is so much good being done in this show despite a few hiccups, but the greatest strength is the ability to talk about real legitimate High School problems without coming off as forced, pandering or ‘after school’ special about them. The two leads still ooze chemistry and have top-notch dialogue, the arcs so far have been solid, and the melancholic atmosphere still hits every time. I never thought an anime about high school (not an anime about an ANIME high school) would really work, but damn am I glad I was wrong.

Status: Can’t get to the next episode fast enough. 

That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

Still haven’t seen those horned people yet!

My Thoughts after 8 Episodes: Fellow bloggers have not been as kind to the slow pace of this show like I have, and since we just found out that the first eight episodes were pretty much the prologue, I can see their point. However Slime is still absolutely wonderful and the non-ecchi example of doing a standard Isekai, but doing it REALLY well. The last episode in particular almost makes up for the pacing issues people may have had, with some really tender moments. I can’t wait to see where Slime takes us next now that the main pieces have been set in place.

Status: Watching this show and loving it, pacing and all. Shizu’s story arc resolution was maximum feels.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Master

Image result for senran kagura shinovi 2018
The last great ecchi hope of this year.

My Thoughts after 7 Episodes: Do you like Ninjas? Do you like Boobies? Do you like clothes with less durability than tissue paper? If you said yes to any of those, then you’ll love Senran Kagura. The show’s plot may not be that interesting, but the PLOT is here in full force and that is exactly what I want from this show. There are other animes that can me think and feel things. This one is just pure fanservice pleasure.

Status:  Still watching it for the PLOT, and that’s about it.

Golden Kamuy Season 2

Image result for golden kamuy poster
Still Anime of the Year, but might have to share the award.

My Thoughts after 8 Episodes: I don’t watch Golden Kamuy each week, it just doesn’t feel like a show that I need to be absolutely up to date. But when I pop in an episode after a while, I catch up so fast that I’m reminded why this show is the best piece of anime this year. Everything that makes it great is still great, and this is probably on the few shows of this year that has long-term staying power. It’s going to win my anime of the year award, though it might have to share it with a bunny-girl.

Status: If you’re not watching this, change that.

Double Decker!

I wanted to love you so much.

My Thoughts after 6 Episodes: I just couldn’t bring myself to watch any more after a handful of additional episodes. I loved Tiger and Bunny to death, but Double Decker! just doesn’t have the same spark or flair that made the latter so amazing. While I love how the show takes the piss out of anime, but maybe it takes the piss just a little too much for my taste. There has been some weird plot turns and character choices that felt like they were hurting more than helping. I know a lot of people are really digging this show, but I just couldn’t get into it. I wish it all the success in the world though!



So that’s it. In about 4 weeks I’ll return to these with some quick thoughts on all of them. I know a few that will be getting proper shallow dives later next year and I can wait to do so. Fall 2018 has been a solid season so far, and I hope winter can carry it forward!

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