REAL NEAT AWARD: Did I just get Nominated?

Hey, I got tagged on one of these. Thank you to Sirus at Sirius Writes for tagging me! As well as Lynn Sheridan from…Lynn Sheridan for tagging me a week or so back (didn’t forget ya buddy) Let’s get to it and answer those questions!



01. Would you continue to watch anime even when you’re old?

Absolutely, I love anime and while I’m sure I’ll not watch as much as interests wax and wane, it is too important and just too well done to stop it. “Handle your Fandom” is a mantra I live by, and I’ll continue to love anime provided I do it responsibly.

02. If you have a chance to live in an anime world, what world would that be?

Tough one….hmmm.

I’d like to live in the world of The Vision of Escaflowne. I love the art style and setting and I’d be totally thrilled to just wander the land and see the beauty.

03. I follow alot of anitubers on youtube. From anime reviews to satire analysis, I enjoy watching them. How about you? Who are you subscribe to?

Honestly? I don’t care for the anituber community at all. Like at all.

Mother’s Basement is ok (he defended and praised High School DxD), but the others can come off as smug, dismissive and a little too elitist for my tastes. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten sick of people over-explaining and breaking down every little thing in anime, or telling me why such and such show sucks. I respect their work ethic and the courage to put themselves on camera, but that style of fan analyzation has never clicked with me. But gun to my head? Mother’s Basement is probably the best.

04. Are there any comics/movies/tv series/manga/light novels/visual novels/games that you want to be adapted into an anime? If so, how many episodes? Seasons?

I want Ufotable to give us their take on the Fate Route of Fate Stay Night (the one the 2006 anime was). I also would love to see High School DxD get at least one more season to finish off the Issei-centric arc it’s begun.

Other than that? Not much really. Everything I want I’ve already gotten. Date A Live is coming back this winter, Fate is going strong, and Gundam is getting more stuff. I’d love more of The Devil is a Part Timer, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

05. Do you consider Avatar – The Last AirbenderAvatar – The Legend of KorraRWBY, and even, Castlevania as animes?

I consider them to ” Heavily Anime Inspired” but not full Animes as done by a Japanese studio in Japan in the Japanese anime style. Castlevania comes close, but it’s choice to use actors instead of the tried and true dubbing cast we have rubbed me the wrong way. They are all still EXCELLENT shows and I would watch them again anytime. They just aren’t anime to me.

06. For you, who is the BEST supporting character in an anime?

Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura.

07. If you have been give a chance to change the ending of an anime, what anime would that be? Why did you choose it? How will you change it?

Shit, just an ending?

Probably The Vision of Escaflowne. Hitomi leaving Van behind always felt really fucking weird, there just wasn’t any real reason for her to go back that is actively explored in the story. I’d have her a pull an Inuyasha, go back briefly and then after graduation goes back to live with Van. Just feels right. Still, the ending we got is a tear-jerker. to Lynn Sheridan’s questions

01. You will need three anime roommates. Who are they?

Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed, Shirou Emiya from Fate/Cooking, and Ayame Kajou from Shimoneta

02. You can have one anime pet. What is it?

Kumagoro from Uzamaid!

03. You can have an anime vehicle to get around with. Which one?

Flying Nimbus from Dragon Ball.

04. You will receive an anime robot to help around the house. Who is it?

Hmm..if mecha don’t count. Then I suppose it would be KOS-MOS from Xenosaga. She’s pretty to look at.

05. You will receive a new wardrobe. Which anime character will you dress like?

Tie between Urahara Kisuke in his Captain Gear, or whatever the fuck generic Harem leads wear.

06: For protection, you can select any anime weapon or ability. Which one?

Shirou Emiya’s Trace from Fate Stay Night. I can make whatever I want then! Did I just break the game?

07. And lastly. You can have your house/apartment in any anime world. Which one?

The apartment from The Devil Works Part Time. I can slum it up hard, and it’s the perfect space for me to live.

Thanks for the nomination both of you! I’ll try to slap out some questions in a later post, but that’s it for me now!



3 thoughts on “REAL NEAT AWARD: Did I just get Nominated?

  1. Oooohhh!! You responded fast! XD
    You have such interesting answers. I totally agree Tomoyo being the best supporting character ever. The world of Escaflowne is really beautiful and I totally agree the ending should have been different.

    Liked by 1 person

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