Quick Thoughts on Heaven’s Feel: Lost Butterfly Trailer 3

Oh man, Oh man, Oh man.

This November, I did a month-long look into every facet of the Fate Franchise, and that included my thoughts on the first of the Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy: Presage Flower.

I recently watched the movie again (dubbed this time) and while I enjoyed it far more on my second viewing, my thoughts on the film remain the same: Presage Flower is 90% set up for the following two films. So it was my hope that the second entry: Lost Butterfly jumps right to the meat of things. The second trailer allured my fears somewhat, but now looking at our third trailer, I feel much more at ease. My thoughts after the video.

Oh man…

This movie is shaping up to be everything I was hoping for. With the pieces in place, Lost Butterfly looks like it’s going to crank things up to eleven and then some. I know what takes place in the Heaven’s Feel route; the darkest and most in-depth of the three, and I cannot wait for it come to life. With rumors that the director pushed heavily to include the erotic scenes (that have been cut from the novel’s re-release and pretty much scrubbed from the Fate canon), I am confident that this is going to be true to form adaptation, as best it can be, of the route.

I don’t do hype, but I am excited as hell for this movie. I cannot wait to see the story of Sakura Matou start to reach its zenith, cause hoooo man…shit is gonna get real. Regardless, Fate Stay Night, Studio Ufotable, and Aimer are a match made in heaven.

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