Housekeeping, End of Anime Winter 2018, and a Slowdown.

Hey guys.

Just wanted to drop in and do some housekeeping in regards to the blog and what’s coming up next week and in the new year.

First thing’s first, I will be starting a new job after the new year, which will limit how much I will able to post on this blog (I post way more than I thought I did). I expect that I might be able to post up to two or three posts a week, but that is dependent on how quick I am able to get my feet under me. I love this blog and I am glad I am starting to build a respectable audience so I won’t be going anywhere. Just expect a bit of a slowdown until things shake out.

In other news, the remaining posts of this year will be both my Quick Thoughts on the remaining seasonal anime I am watching (Bunny Girl Senpai, Senran Kagura, Golden Kamuy, Goblin Slayer, Uzamaid! and Slime) and my awards for the best (and worst) of anime in 2018. I already made an award list after the end of the fall season, but things have changed quite a bit! I am looking forward to getting into the 2019 anime season, and I already got some anime that are on my radar for next year. Doing proper shallow dives on Bunny Girl Senpai and the other seasonal anime will be coming sometime in January, along with more posts on ReZero, Naruto, and more.

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog, and to all my fellow anime bloggers who share my work, or just give it a quick like. I’m glad I have been able to make a small foundation for myself in this community, and I hope we can carry on into the new year.

So Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays, and see you in the New Year!


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