Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions

New topic time! Welcome to Don’t @ Me, where I rattle off a list of anime opinions that I have. From the hip, with little actual thought put to them. These are raw opinions that could change tomorrow, or never at all! Most all of it’s an excuse to do an easy blog post and keep things up to date. My first ten are after the cut!

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1. Fanservice shoved into an anime where it doesn’t belong can ruin a good series (Fairy Tail) but Fanservice, in general, has pretty much kept the anime industry alive through the all the highs and lows. Tits and ass move merchandise, accept it.

2.  Neon Genesis Evangelion’s impact and effect on the anime industry is marrow-deep, and it should be praised for that. It still doesn’t forgive the fact that Shinji Ikari is an idiotic main character and the story is so far up its own ass it should have choked to death.

3.  People hate Sword Art Online because it got too popular way too fast. It’s ok to not like Sword Art Online, and it’s ok to lambast the ripple effect it has had on anime and the Isekai genre in general. Sword Art Online is a cornerstone anime for a whole generation of fans and it deserves respect for that.

4. Darling in the Franxx’s 21st episode completely pissed away any of the goodwill it had by chickening out and not committing to the “making babies is important” message of the story, which was actually an intriguing and interesting thematic thread whether you agreed with it or not. That is the worst thing about that show, not the “make babies propaganda,” not the Ichigo character, not the fact that it was Evangelion fanfiction.

5. I fucking HATE Shinmai Maou no Testament, but its depiction of its ecchi fanservice is probably the best in the entire genre and it has my respect for that. But it is also a “me too” cash grab trying to chase High School DxD‘s success, but refuses to do any of the groundwork in creating memorable characters and an interesting story.

6. If Netflix wanted to, they could completely dominate the western anime industry by dumping all those millions to get Japanese studios to create new seasons of favorite shows. “Haruhi Season 3″ or “Devil Works Part Time Season 2” exclusively funded and on Netflix would almost certainly cripple Funimation and Crunchyroll.

7. One Piece will probably end up being the stronger story and manga, but Naruto’s character arcs and themes are very well done, and it should be praised for taking risks with some characters and not keeping to a status quo. (LOOKING AT YOU FAIRY TAIL)

8. Mobile Suit Gundam either needs to reboot the Universal Century timeline or put it to bed for good. It’s not interesting to new viewers, depends too much on decades-old anime that haven’t aged well, and is way too complicated to really give a damn about.

9. Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works should have had the courage to either keep the Rin and Shirou sex scene from the Visual Novel in or completely rewrite it. After everything they go through in that story, the fact that they don’t fuck is more ridiculous than a blonde hair guy using swords as projectiles.

10. Another World with my Smartphone was actually a pretty fucking good Isekai story in comparison to some of the stuff we’ve gotten in recent years.


This was fun! I’ll probably do this again sometime soon! Please feel free to share on your blogs some of your “from the gut” anime opinions!



6 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions

  1. I liked the smartphone anime. One of the most relaxing isekai anime I’ve seen, which in itself is a step away from the norm for the genre.
    Lots of good points. Agreed on Evangelion.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 1. fuck fairy tail
    2. might watch that someday lol
    3. sword art was good the first time
    4. gobro for the win
    5. best anime 2k19
    6. count me in for that one
    7. sasuke is the worst ever
    8. justice for lafter
    9. illya still dies


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