Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Harem Anime Opinions

Hey Guys.

Don’t @ Me returns after a week with some more anime opinions. Raw, from the hip and to the point, this is where I give you my gut feelings about some corner of the anime world. I got way more than ten for this one, but I kept it brief, let’s get into it!.

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Don’t know what this anime is.


1.  I have always viewed, and continue to view harem anime as absurdist comedies, mostly because their very nature is absurd. A harem in real life would probably end up in a catastrophe, so I view their portrayal in anime as a comedy because I know in reality it would never work. That suspension of disbelief I believe is vitally important once you are two or three series deep.

2. Harem aspects are in many series, but there are actually very few legit harem animes in which the harem is the central and complete focus. To Love Ru Darkness, High School DxD  and The Quintessential Quintuplets. are the first that come to mind, but many often are science fiction, fantasy, or iskeai stories with the harem antics layered on. I think we need more straight harem shows.

3. Infinite Stratos has one of the worst male harem leads of all time in Ichika Orimura, but he would be one of the best leads if the story followed through with the fan theory that he is aware of all the girls affections for him, but chooses not to act out of a mix of insecurity and fear.

4. In Another World with My Smartphone is one of the better Isekai anime out there, but commits the gravest sin of any harem show: It’s female cast is completely forgettable and that is UNFORGIVABLE for a harem show. For all the praise I heap on Isekai Smartphone, that is still an almost fatal flaw.

5. The “Childhood friend” almost is never the fan favorite and rarely deserves to win the “war” for the main leads’ affection. Unless the series goes for the “True Harem” ending, their are better girls in the secondary cast. Let’s start giving the win to the little sister or BTOS (Big Titty Onee-san)

6. As much as Harem anime are absurdist comedies, I think the genre is ripe for a ReZero like “comedown” of itself. School Days comes close, but I think we are ready for another shot at it.

7. The lead male character of a harem anime doesn’t need to be a good developed character for the story/anime to be successful, but a well developed male harem lead makes every single show better for it.

8. Harem Animes are 100% capable and already have shown their ability to tell really compelling and fulfilling stories despite their initial subject matter. To dismiss that because you don’t like the premise of harem anime itself is the height of arrogance and ignorance.

9. There is a 50/50 chance Date A Live’s light novels end on a downer ending. I really hope that it doesn’t. Tohka Yatogami is the rare female harem lead who actually deserves the win.

10.  Akeno Himejima is overall the best harem character. She can “Ara-Ara” at me all day.


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