Don’t @ Me: Ten More of my General Anime Opinions, again.

Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, where I dish out a heaping helping of anime opinions that are raw, from the hip and to the point. Here are yet another ten of my opinions on anime in general. Let’s dig into it.

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1.  Code Geass says it has a “10-year plan” for the franchise. what…eighty-five mobile games and maybe one anime that will never live up to unrealistic fan expectations? I’m keeping those expectations low, but I don’t think this is what people are hoping it is going to be. The movie was quite good though!

2. I saw on a fellow blogger’s post that the anime community on WordPress is basically an anime guild. If had to place myself in this “guild” then I’m pretty much this guy.

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This is me talking about the anime fandom and ecchi/harems

3. Digimon Adventure has fucking aged HORRIBLY.  I mean have you gone back and LOOKED at that show? I can handle bad animation, but it’s just painful to look at. I mean jesus CHRIST!

4. Uzamaid! was a legit good show and had a great message and story about how it’s ok to move on from losing a parent. Was it uncomfortable as all hell sometimes? Yeah…but it was also fucking funny.

5. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War is probably a bit over-hyped, and it’s popularity this year can in some small way be owed to the fact that it’s been a rather mediocre year so far, but i’m sorry. It is still a REALLY good show.

6. I just can’t give a flying fuck about Attack on Titan. I mean it’s good, it’s a great orginal concept which is always welcome in any form of entertainment, but Eren Yeager is probalby everything I hate in main characters put into form. But that’s my beef, I’m glad that so many anime fans new and old are loving this show. I am glad that it exists.

7. Anime Dubs do not deserve the bad rap they get. Yes, the 4kids era has left a massively lasting wound on the entire industry, but all the voice actors and directions have worked SO hard to recover from it. Anime dubs are actually in a really good place right now and many shows I find are becoming superior to their Japanese version. Don’t shit on dubs because of a decade long mistake.

8. I’m not going to let Fruits Basket make me cry. I refuse to bend my knee to “Sadness: The Anime” It’s a fucking fight to the finish, so bring it ON!

9. I’m placing all my ecchi hopes this year on “Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?” or “Isekai MILF.” Your all I have left this year…don’t fail me.

10. Swing Out Sisters, Resort Boin, Nee Chanto Shiyou Yo, Bible Black, Lovers in Law, Cleavage, Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo. In that order, Don’t @ Me

5 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Ten More of my General Anime Opinions, again.

  1. Yeah, I haven’t seen an entire episode of Attack on Titan yet. I know, how blasphemous of me, right? I’m fine with checking out more obscure anime, thank you very much.

    That is true about dubbing. As much as 4Kids has been a scourge in crappy dubs and terrible censorship of anime, there are some series that I can watch in both languages and some I like better in English. Case in point: Shinesman and Yugo the Negotiator in my opinion.

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      • Gotcha. Hahaha! Shinesman is a comedy, but it’s a Power Rangers/Super Sentai parody, but with business elements. That OVA has one of th funniest insults I’ve heard in anime: “If you ask me, she’s one OVA short of a series.”


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