The Quintessential Quintuplets: Fearsome Fivesome

The Harem and Ecchi Genre are two types of anime that go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. There is just something about perverted antics and harem hijinks that just make series work. Yet what happens when you just have a straight harem with no ecchi? Can something like that even succeed? Well in the case of the show we are talking about today, it apparently can. Now that I’ve finally gotten around to watching it, let’s take a dive into last seasons’s The Quintessential Quintuplets after the cut.

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The Great Waifu War

Now, I dropped Quintuplets after a few episodes last season mostly because I didn’t care that the show had no ecchi elements, and as that had been my anime of choice since then, I was frankly not interested in a harem without. Yet as time went on and the popularity of this show got higher and higher, I started thinking that maybe I passed judgment too quickly. Perhaps I had been too fussy that the show was catered exclusively to MY interests. So once it had finished I decided I’d check it out again with fresh eyes and my hangs up left at the door. So what did I think?

It’s fine.

Quintuplets is a fine show, and has a lot going for it. The girls are well developed and the fact that they are quintuplets is used in full force. The male lead Futaro is a good character (with Josh Grelle giving a great English performance) and the art, animation and music is all passable. Honestly this show feels very much like a throwback to those old harem animes of the 90s before the ecchi came and took over the genre.

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This show feels very much like a blast from Harem anime past, and that is why I think many are enjoying it.

The chemistry among the girls who have to deal with a man coming into their lives for the first time is also good. Underneath main story of trying to figure out which one of the girls Futaro ends up marrying, (the knowledge that he does end up with one of them makes for some great fan speculation and attention to details) is a second plot line of the girls coming to terms that they can’t be together for ever. They are growing older, their interests are diverging, and the introduction of a man in their lives is stirring up teenage feelings and hormones. While its not overtly said in the story, the entrance of Futaro is changing these girls lives forever and that has been fun to watch.

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The story opening with the fact that Futaro marries one of the girl makes for a great mystery for readers and fans.

Yet I do feel without some classic ecchi thrown in, the story has to rely solely on it’s plot and characters and it can feel a little redundant after awhile. However I seem to be in the minority, because Quintuplets has not only skyrocketed to the top of the popularity charts, but got a second season announcement almost right after the season ended. For a Harem anime, that is extremely rare and it’s clear that Quintuplets is doing something for a lot of people. I have to think that for many people who want to watch harem, but aren’t into ecchi are finding this to be a great way to get into the genre without that baggage, and how I can blame them for that? Harem anime hasn’t really gotten a full on “home-run hit” of a show since High School DxD, and that feels great.

The Quintessential Quintuplets is a fine enough show for me, and a great show for many others. Honestly that is probably what it needs to be. I may not have cared much for this series, but I am so glad that it exists for those who do, and that it is giving Harem a “win” for once. There is clearly something here that has resonated a lot with anime fans, and that’s good. Not everything is always made for “me” even if I wish they’d have a titty drop once in a while. Check this show out if you want to see what the hubbub is about, it’s pretty decent.

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Who do I think the bride is? My money is on Yotsuba because that’s the out of left field choice a show like this would make. Miku has played her hand too early,  Ichika has too much of a life, while Nino and Itsuki remain the “safe picks”


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