Shallow Diving onto Twitter

Hey Guys.

It only took me like a few bloody months, but I’ve finally gotten a twitter account set up. Fellow bloggers and viewers can now reach me at

Now I only intend to use this blog to spread the word about my posts, and to contact any fellow bloggers here on WordPress (Now you can DM me Irina!). I don’t expect to use it at ALL to engage in conversation. I hate social media with a passion, but I do want to get the word out about my blog a bit more, so you gotta dance with the devil.

Either way, toss me a follow if you want, and leave your bitching about my grammar and spelling in the mentions!

Image result for chika gif
Random Chika Gif to celebrate!

3 thoughts on “Shallow Diving onto Twitter

  1. I was about to say “noooooo, don’t go on Twitter!” but then I read the rest of your post. I encourage you to keep it the way you intend, otherwise you’ll quickly go insane. Twitter used to be great for socialising and chat but over the last couple of years it’s become a real cesspit. It can still be quite helpful for sharing stuff, though, hence why I still have an account despite not engaging with the site directly any more.

    I recommend making use of tools like Buffer ( and IFTTT ( on top of WordPress’ own Publicize tool to automate your posting as much as possible. Then you can share and schedule stuff without ever having to see the constant stream of rancid effluent on the public timeline.

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    • I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for the advice!

      Yes I hate twitter and think it’s a very bad platform, but it helps get the blog out to more eyes, so as long as I use it as like that, my sanity will remain.

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  2. “I hate social media with a passion, but I do want to get the word out about my blog a bit more, so you gotta dance with the devil.”

    First, what Pete Davison said (and I think I said something similar about another of his comments — he’s going to think I’m a stalker or something…).

    Buffer is your friend.

    Second, if you completely ignore the trolls, even Twitter can be pleasant. And as you said, it’s a must for publicity. Not only that, but readers expect established blogs to have a Twitter presence.

    Good luck!


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