Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions: Mobile Suit Gundam Edition

Don’t @ Me is back again! From the depths of the hell where people don’t know that Bible Black is a thing, I crawl up to deliver my anime opinions that are raw, to the point and from the heart. This week we settle in for a meal of teenage angst and giant robots that is the Gundam Franchisee. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Image result for bright slap
What I want to do to every Universal Century lead character.


1.  Gundam Seed was a legit good Gundam show and a good show in general. It was able to take the frankly overblown and complicated premise of the 0079 Gundam series and re-present in an easy understandable way. It had good action, great character and just was a solid series. Which brings me too…

2. The Universal Century timeline has become bloated, overstuffed, and too fucking complicated. It needs to be either put to bed for good, or rebooted entirely. You can’t expect new fans of the series to watch over half a dozen series, many which have not aged well at all, to try and understand the bullshit plot. Give it makeover already.

3. Gundam Wing is in DESPERATE need of a proper re-dub. The fact that the show that brought Gundam to the west, one of the landmark titles of an entire generation of fans has been allowed to waste away is just heartbreaking. Bring the actors back, hire a shit ton more and give it a re-dub. I’ll shell out the money to buy the Blu-rays.

4. Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (or as I call it: Ghetto Gundam) had a lot of “talking episodes”, but those episodes did wonders to endear the cast to the audience, which makes the story beats all the more tragic. Iron-blooded Orphans is frankly the best Alt-Universe Gundam series since Gundam Seed.

5. Gundam AGE on the other-hand, tried and failed to make the “Gundam plot” work for children. It didn’t work. It didn’t work at all and it would be the worst series in the franchise if Gundam Seed Destiny wasn’t so fucking horrible. Which brings me too.

6. Gundam Seed Destiny had TWO good moments. The first 9 or so episodes, and the Kira vs Shinn fight. The rest of the show is a textbook example of how NOT to do a sequel series, and what i point to when I wanna talk about cut budgets and editorial interference.

7. Gundam Build Fighters is just fucking great. It accepts completely what it is, and owns it 100%, making the perfect kiddy gundam series that old fans can enjoy just as much. It is amazing just how much of a home run Sunrise got with that show. It’s REALLY fun.

8. If there is one moral of the Gundam Series, then let it be this: Never get teenagers to fight your war.

9. Katz Kobyashi is a dumb fucking piece of shit character and I cheered when he got killed by that asteroid.

10. Ever notice that the two characters who actually got laid (Kira Yamato and Shiro Amada) are probably the two chillest and most in control main characters? I wonder if there is something to that.

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