Why the Hell are you Here Sensei?: The Perfect Review

Now let’s talk about the other teacher fucker show! Yes, we didn’t get just one, but TWO shows based around teacher and students having the hots for each other. While Nobunaga Sensei’s Young Bride brought the goods, can this series, known for it’s almost hentai level of Ecchi keep up? This review has taken me hours to craft, going over every little detail. So after the cut join me on an in-depth shallow dive on the series Why the Hell are you here Sensei?

Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?
This is the best review ever made.

Ok, so the first thing I wanna say is-

Then there of course is the part where-

Of course, we can’t not talk about the character chemistry, which is a-

I mean the titties are pretty good, so if I had to rank them I would-

So there are my thoughts on Why the Hell are you here Sensei? Honestly, it was a pretty good show with some good comedy and a surprisingly amount of heartwarming scenes, but most of all I think that once the Blu-rays come out, we’ll be able to-

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