Isekai Quartet: Greatest Crossover

Isekai Quartet is a show in which the enjoyment you get comes mostly from much you liked the four shows it borrows from. I am on record saying that ReZero is a masterpiece of an anime, and that The Saga of Tanya the Evil is probably freshest and most unique of the major Isekai shows. I’ve said that Konosuba is a great comedy that is a playful thumb in the nose of the common tropes, but also just a fun story with some of the best characters around. And Overlord is…well it has a great premise on a familiar concept, but I just can’t get into it. Still 3 out of the 4 is pretty good.

So with all that said, you can probably tell that I liked the mini crossover series starring all four leads and their main cast members. What surprised me though was how much I loved it, and everyone else has. After the cut let’s take a dive into the breakout hit of the year: Isekai Quartet.

Isekai Quartet
I don’t think anyone expected it to be THIS GOOD.

I think many viewers, myself included were expecting something in the veins of Fate Stay Night’s Carnival Phantasm which was a goofy riff on its mother series, poking fun at the tropes and just having a wild party. What we didn’t expect though, or at least I did, was that Isekai Quartet plays it (relatively) straight and has a plot. Now that plot isn’t anything deep is more of a riff on the everyday school life, but it is something that I think most weren’t expecting, showing an effort these creators put into this instead of it being a quick cash for fans.

Image result for isekai quartet tanya ainz
Tanya and Ainz end up having the best on-screen chemistry, it’s amazing how well they work together.

But work most though is how well the characters play off each other. Being the main reason people are watching this show: having the characters of three very different Isekais slam up against each other, I am happy to say that Isekai Quartet knocks this out of the park. Every character is on point and each of the main leads have a chance to shine. Whether it is Kazuma and Suburu bonding over their NEET backgrounds, Rem and Albedo becoming BFFs, Darkness and Megumin just freaking everyone out, or Tanya thinking everyone is Being X, the chemistry and banter between the characters is just top notch. While it is not as overly comedic as some may have hoped, there is a enough balance struck that I wasn’t finding really out of place.

Image result for isekai quartet
Overlord’s Ainz stands out so bad among all the other human like characters and everyone plays it straight. So fucking great.

The only real problem with this series is that, like Nobunaga-Sensei, it is just too damn short. With each episode being only 12 minutes, it always feels like the story is just getting started before it ends. I don’t know if that was a choice by the creative team, or just a fear that this thing wouldn’t sell. Either way, since a season 2 is now been greenlit, I hope that they extend those episodes to full length. There is just too much good being done here to let it go to waste.

Related image
Aqua however felt slightly underused during the run, considering her comedic prowess in her home series.

Speaking of the upcoming Season 2, we have confirmation that more characters from Kadokawa’s (the company producing these shows) Isekai anime will be joining the series, so the hunt is on to guess who it might be. I think that Rising of the Shield Hero is locked in, as well as the characters from No Game No Life. What else though? How Not to Summon a Demon Lord was made by the same company, that would be fucking AMAZING if Diablo and friends joined the crew. I know people are itching to get the leads from Reincarnated as a Slime in the mix, but since that series isn’t a Kadokawa production, chances are slim. Will an new upcoming Isekai be brought it to help advertise it? I have no real idea, but I can’t wait to see.

Image result for isekai quartet end card
The End Title Cards are also a fan-service treat, this one being the best.

One thought on “Isekai Quartet: Greatest Crossover

  1. The series is absolutely amazing. The comedy is great and I was surprised and impressed that there is a plot to this series. To be able to mix series with such vastly different tones together and to do it well just shows how good the writers are. Great post! Hopefully this will inspire others to check it out!

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