The Summer of Love: The Ending Themes of High School DxD

Part 2 of our look at the music of High School DxD! We’ve discussed the opening themes of each season, and now we are taking a look at the ending themes! Most anime often have good ending themes, but they can be seen as an afterthought most of the time, I can only name a handful that are in my normal rotation of music. High School DxD is strange though, because in some ways, it is the endings that are superior to the openings! We’ll be doing this in reverse order this time so let’s get into it after the cut!

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Wanna guess which is the best?


Ending 5: Motenai Kuse ni (`;ω;´)”

The ending of the latest season of High School DxD is almost impossible to find anywhere, but I did managed to locate it. I can’t show the video, but the link will be down below. Overall this ending is a catch beat with the second best visuals out of all of them. The girls dressed up in bikinis washing a car is so fucking DxD that I am shocked it has A) never happened in the actual series, and B) It took four seasons to happen! It’s a great theme all around!

Image result for highschool dxd car wash
Xenovia and Irina washing the car with their asses is amazing.

Ending 4:  Give me Secret

Again, High School DxD Born is considered the weakest of the four seasons overall, but I must say that the ending theme is actually decent, though it is at the bottom of my list. I don’t care much for the lyrics of the song, but I do love the visuals (even if they are censored in this video). Pretty solid over all!

Ending 3: Lovely ♥ Devil

High School DxD’s girls really loving shaking their asses and hips, and I’m 100% OK with that. Xenovia and Rias take the cake for this opening and all the girls in animal cosplay is something else. The second ending theme of season 2, sung by the main female leads of the cast is a great piece and probably the most risque out of all the ending themes, showing the girls in some rather interesting positions. Hell even the cast’s resident trap, cross-dresser, lady-boy, shota, third male character Gasper is in this one!

Ending 2: Houteishiki wa Kotaenai

Remember how I keep saying that High School DxD has #nipsfordays? Well this opening proves it, showing all the girls, and i mean ALL of them, topless in some really cool artistic coloring and visuals. Like the third opening, this is sung by all the female leads of the series and it’s impressive how catchy the song is. It’s a solid opening overall and would be my number one if it wasn’t for..well we’ll get to it in a minute.


No other piece of music in High School DxD, nor would I say barely any ending theme in almost all of anime can hold a candle to this theme. Everything about the first ending “STUDYxSTUDY” is absolutely perfect. The song is perfect, the lyrics are perfect, the rhythm and beat is perfect, the editing is perfect, and then there are the visuals. Holy fuck these visuals. All the girls dancing (with Koneko giving anime one of the best GIFs of all time) are just absolutely…again…perfect. In all my years of watching anime, I’ve seen many memorable and iconic opening themes, but this remains the ONLY ending theme that I think is worthy of a place beside such titans of the art-form like ‘We Are’, ‘Brave Shine’, ‘Cha La Head Cha La!’, ‘Just Communication’, ‘Guren no Yumiya’, ‘Tank’, ‘Love Dramatic’  and ‘A Cruel Angel’s Thesis’. There is nothing else that needs to be said. It is a pure masterpiece of a work.


And that is all for the music of High School DxD! Overall while the openings have a higher number of better songs, it is the ending themes that have more work put in, better animation and just stand out more. That can’t be said for most series, but I think it works in DxD’s favor. There are some great tunes, and titties in these pieces and it is another gift from an already impressive series.

Now join me next week as I start our look into High School DxD’s second season!

One thought on “The Summer of Love: The Ending Themes of High School DxD

  1. Talk about a difficult task. How do you rate perfection at this level?

    “I am shocked it has A) never happened in the actual series, and B) It took four seasons to happen! It’s a great theme all around!”

    And they all looked like they were having so much fun!

    “All the girls dancing (with Koneko giving anime one of the best GIFs of all time) are just absolutely…again…perfect.”

    Whoever animated that sequence had to absolutely and utterly adore the female form. Kinda inspirational!


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