Character Dives: My List

Hey guys.

For those of you who stop by the blog, you may seen now and again a post that I’ve called “Character Dives.” Recently I’ve posted two of them involving characters from both High School DxD and Goblin Slayer and they’ve gotten a rather positive review.

However I’ve also done more in the past, some that I think may have fallen under the radar during the onslaught of seasonal dives and other pieces of work I’ve done. I’m really quite proud of the work I’ve done on these character dives, and I want to share some links in case you readers didn’t catch them before. Down below is a list of some of my personal favorite character dives I’ve done, which is most of them, but whatever!

I really enjoy doing these character dives, in where I zero in on a single moment or trait of a character and talk about what makes it work, and how it affects the entire series. While I have no love for the “essay” in terms of blogging, I did start doing these in an attempt to get down my thoughts on a character without going into pages upon pages of work. Anyway, if you haven’t read some of these, here is a handy list for you! Enjoy!

Image result for anime thinking
Most of these are talking outta my ass, but hey, they are fun!

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