I Heard you Like Lists: My Favorite Anime and Manga Lines

Do you like lists? I like lists, and I heard you like lists too. So today we have, as list! Anime and Manga have no shortage of great moments, characters and scenes, but they also have some wonderful pieces of dialogue. This post today is going to highlight just some of my favorite lines from a variety of different anime and manga series. Some are serious, some are funny, some are dubbed, others are subbed, others are strange. Let’s get into it after the cut!

This is not one of those lines, but Magical Sempai is too funny.



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My Take: The little caption below pretty much sums it up. Aizen was long the super chill, almost trolly villain. Seeing him break down at the moment of his defeat was something else, and I absolutely love him just laying it all out on the table. A great scene (and should have been where Bleach stopped.

2. You made me feel weak, but there was nothing I could do, but now I’m gonna make you eat those feelings LIKE A TEEN DOING THE TIDE POD CHALLENGE! – Issei Hyoudo from High School DxD Hero (English Dub)

Image result for highschool dxd tide pods

My Take: Yes, the dub played really loose with this line, yes you are allowed not like the (what actually really is a solid) dub because of that reason, but I laughed my fucking ass off for about an hour when I heard it. This remains probably the best line in the entire four seasons of the dub.

3. Do you understand what that means? To him, your life was more precious than the village. – Tobi (Naruto Shippuden)

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My Take: The twist involving Itachi Uchiha is probably one of the best kept secrets and one of the greatest moments in the entire Naruto manga, and it all comes together with this single line, which pretty much sums up all about who Itachi is. I just love it.

4. Just as you reject me. I’ll use every ounce of my strength to defeat the me that is you! (Shirou Emiya- Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)

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My take: Shirou is a dumb fucking idiot, but he’s our dumb fucking idiot and this line is just so silly, but also bad-ass as fuck.

5. How many more people must we kill? How many more times must I kill that girl and her dog? – Heero Yue (Gundam Wing Endless Waltz)

Image result for heero vs wufei

My Take: Gundam Wing is a take or leave it kind of series, and is in desperate, DESPERATE need of a proper re-dub, but fuck if that line isn’t just perfect, showing the exhaustion and finality that Heero feels about his mission and their constant fighting. Both in English and in Japanese, absolutely love it.

6. Me? I’ve made my choice. – Train Heartnet (Black Cat Manga)

Image result for black cat manga I've made my choice

My Take: A simple line taken from the end of his long final monologue of the series, but damn it works and is probably the perfect way Black Cat could have ended on. I can’t wait to revisit this series later this year.

7. That man took it in the face and still remained standing afterwards. What kind of intense mental stress must this man be accustomed to? – Ainz Ooal Gown (Isekai Quartet)

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My Take: Oh Ainz, you have no fucking idea man….

8. “The version of me that lives inside your head must be amazing” – Emilia (ReZero)

Image result for Subaru gif re zero

My Take: This single line is probably the most effective, most straight to the gut, most hurtful thing and real thing Emilia could have said to Subaru during his great breakdown. Nothing cuts to the soul of his character more than these few words.

9. Death is not an apology! Because a man promised to him that he’d definitely come back! – Brooke (One Piece)

Image result for brooke death isn't an apology

My Take: Man..fuck you Oda. That damn story of the skeleton and his whale gets me everytime I think about it. Fuck you man….

10. I shall have to submit my body to all manner of pornographic acts, over and OVER again! Oh the HORROR! What should I do Kazuma? (Still don’t know,) – Darkness and Kazuma Sato (Konosuba)

Image result for konosuba darkness masochist

My Take: This exchange between Darkness and Kazuma is one of the funniest ones in a series chalk FULL of hilarious dialogue. Did you know that the English VA for Darkness is also the dub voice for Fate Stay Night’s Saber? You’ll never forget that now. Your welcome.

One thought on “I Heard you Like Lists: My Favorite Anime and Manga Lines

  1. Those are some great quotes and I never thought I would hear the words “Tide Pods” in an actual anime even if it’s a dub. I definitely remember that line from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. Here are some good quotes I can think of in anime…

    “If you ask me, she’s one OVA short of a series.” Shinesman Sepia from Shinesman.

    [Punches Uvo] “Good. I’ll let you live a little bit longer.” Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter (original).

    “Next time, we’ll be better prepared!” One of the diamond smugglers from Kimba the White Lion (one of the most hilarious in hindsight quotes because of THAT plagiarism controversy!)

    “All these people have smiles plastered on their faces.” Rakka from Haibane Renmei


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