I heard you liked lists: Dewbond’s Top Five WTF Anime and Manga Moments

Do you like lists? I like lists, and I heard you like lists to. While I continue to get my thoughts around Shinmai Maou and finish watching No Game No Life, I decided to make a little post showing my top five WTF moments in anime and manga ranked from the least WTF to the most WTF. Some of these will be no brainers, some of these will shock you! Let’s get to it after the cut!

Image result for wtf anime
This is not one of them, god dammit Suzaku


5. Yuki remembers her past (Vampire Knight)

Image result for vampire knight yuki and kaname
Baby’s first incest in anime.

My Take: I read this manga cause I was bored and looking for something to do, so I borrowed it from my sister. When it got to the moment where Yuki and Kaname kiss and her memories are reawakened (or something, it’s been like a decade since I read it) and she tells us that he’s her “brother’ I did an audible “Oh what the FUCK.” These were young days, when my anime fandom was still new, now I just laugh, but back then this really blew my mind.

4. Euphemia goes on a killing rampage (Code Geass)

Image result for code geass euphemia
Whose the Lacus clone now bitches!

My Take: This is a landmark moment for an entire generation of anime fans, one of the biggest plot twists and heel turns of all time. This event, caused by a simple slip up blew so many people’s minds with how it just came out of no where. Lelouch could have said anything, ANYTHING, and he went with “kill all the Japanese” It’s chilling, effective and just makes you go “haha what the FUCK?”

3. Every Single Moment in The End of Evangelion

Image result for third impact
If Misato or just SOMEONE. ANYONE had freaking blown Shinji, all of this would have been prevented.

My Take: The film that the fans either absolutely love, or absolute hate. The true ending to a series that is both universally adored and despised. There are too many scenes, too many eye popping moments to mention, and then there is all of third impact. “What the fuck” doesn’t even get close to describe it.

2. The Eclipse (Berserk: The Golden Age Arc)

Image result for berserk the eclipse
Ah god no….

My Take: This moment beats out our number 3 only because no one sees it coming. Everything that happens in the span of this film forever changes the series and the characters. The destruction of the hawks, the betrayal of Griffith, the rape of Casca and Guts seething rage. It is the O.G red wedding. The “holy my beer” moment that anime fans point to when people say George R. R Martin did it best. Well too bad, cause Kentaro Muira did it first, and did it better.

1. Zeo is revealed to be a robot (Beyblade V Force)

Related image

My take: Nothing in this world, not Third Impact, not the Eclipse, nothing, NOTHING in my entire 20+ year interest in anime and manga, has topped this moment. Imagine a young teenage kid, watching the stupid 4kids Beyblade series and finding out that Zeo, the villain, in the final episode, is a robot. There has been ZERO foreshadowing, ZERO hinting, absolutely NO knowledge or foresight at all. TO. THIS. DAY. this is still the strangest, craziest, batshit insane moment I’ve ever seen.

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