The Autumn of Black Cat: A Primer

Hey guys.

The Autumn of Black Cat will be starting in October, and I wanted to take some time to throw out another primer post where I go over some facts and questions people may have about the event. Let’s get into it after the cut!

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This is gonna be a fun event.


Why Black Cat?

While I’ve stated that I’ve fallen out of love with Shonen, I still have a lot of love for the genre as it was my anime style of choice in my younger years. Almost everyone has a really niche series that they adore and Black Cat is mine. Something you are going to hear my say quite a bit over the next two months is that Black Cat is a series that shows up, tells the exact story it wants to tell, and then gracefully exits the stage. In an anime genre that is NOTORIOUS for having series drag on and on, the fact that Black Cat was able to end, and end decently is something I think should be admired and respected. Plus it is just a good solid shonen romp.

Are you going to be talking about the Black Cat anime series?

No I will not.

Why not?

The Black Cat anime series is just…bad. It’s a mishmash hodgepodge of an adaption. It is not faithful to the original manga series at all, and frankly should be viewed as it wholly own thing. I might re-visit the series in the future as a comparison piece, but for now I’d rather talk about the manga, and the work done wholly by Kentaro Yabuki.

I will talk about the opening and ending themes.

Wait, Kentaro Yabuki? Isn’t he the guy who helped create To Love Ru?

Yes! The author of Black Cat is the illustrator for the manga series To Love Ru and To Love Ru Darkness, which are considered to be one of the greatest ecchi series put to page and screen! If you are a fan of that series, you’ll be surprised at who shows up in Black Cat. Yabuki is considered to be a master at creating ecchi and he has several works to his name, including the boob filled manga adaptation of Darling in the Franxx. Black Cat however remains his own work, as he serves as both the writer and the illustrator on it.

So is this series an ecchi then?

Not at all, Black Cat is a dyed in the wool pure shonen action story. While they are some sexy girls, there are very few fan services scenes to be found, which goes to show that Yabuki is more than capable of creating a good story!

What’s the schedule for the series?

Black Cat clocks in at 20 manga volumes, which is quite small considering most shonen works. Since I am spreading out the event over two months, I’ve decided that I’ll be reviewing the series five volumes at a time, with ten volumes in a single month. In the weeks where we don’t discuss the volumes, I’ll have some blog posts talking about the characters, and other things. Here is my still in progress layout. Please note this is subject to change.


Week 1: Volumes 1 through 5

Week 2: Eve character dive

Week 3: Volumes 6 through 10

Week 4: The Music of Black Cat


Week 1: Volumes 11-through 15

Week 2: Train character dive

Week 3: Volumes 16 through 20

Week 4: Final Reflection on the series.

Anything else you wanna talk about while you’re here?

The second ending theme of Black Cat is one of the few (and I must say FEW) things in anime and manga that actively make me start getting teary-eyed. I mean I am just a mess every time that fucking song plays. God its so fucking good.

Aside from that….*slaps desk a few times* Hensuki is probably gonna win ecchi of the year. I can’t believe it almost slipped under my radar. What a fun show that’s been!



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