The Autumn of Black Cat: The Music of Black Cat

The Autumn of Black Cat continues! It’s a briefer look today, but still one I want to have! We have looked at the first two arcs of the series, but before we continue on the third arc, I want to talk about the music of the show. While I’ve said that I will not be discussing the anime of Black Cat, I do want to talk about the music, mostly because I think it is the best thing to come out of the show. So join me after the cut as I give you my thoughts on the opening and ending themes of Black Cat!

Image result for Black Cat anime music

Opening 1: Daia no Hana

The first and only opening of Black Cat is a great one. It has great images, a catchy beat and tells you just enough about the story (as maimed as it was in the anime) without giving too much away. Despite being a 25 episodes series, Black Cat only got one opening song, with adjusted visuals for the second half. That remains a shame, because the ‘anime opening’ is a central part of what makes anime, anime. I wish they had gotten more, but the one that we did does the job well enough.

Ending 1: Namida Boshi

I don’t like this ending at all. In fact I think it is one of the worst ending themes I’ve seen. The song is annoying, grating even, and the visuals play more into the comedic art done at the back of the manga volumes. I don’t really have much to say, I just don’t like this ending theme, at all. It’s just not good guys. Thankfully things shape up in the second ending.

Ending 2: Kutsuzure

Oh my godddddddd

This song gets me every time, EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. The lyrics, the music, the visuals. I’ve always been able to hold in the emotions when I watched anime. Very few things have gotten me to tear up, but this?

On the floor, in tears, sobbing, every. fucking TIME.

I love this ending theme, it feels like a real ending, and the final scenes with Saya and Train really pull the entire theme of the series: personal freedom and independence into full view. This is one of my favorite ending themes and anime tunes of all time, and with good reason. Frankly, it’s a song that I wish had gotten a better series to use.

And that’s about it for the music of the series! It’s not that much, but what there is runs the gambit of great, to good, to bad. Black Cat’s anime series leaves much to be desired, but when it came to music it hit things, most of the time. Join me next week as I discuss the third major story arc of the series: The Tearju/Saya Arc.

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