Don’t @ Me: Ten of My Anime Opinions: YU-NO Edition

You didn’t think I would wrap up my look at YU-NO without doing one of these now did you?

Welcome to Don’t @ Me where nothing I look at is complete until I’ve given you my thoughts on it in a bite-sized portion like this. Today I’ll be serving up ten of my opinions on YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World, which will have it’s final wrap up this week. Let’s not waste anytime and get to it!

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The man who crosses dimensions.

1.  I would be far more critical of YU-NO if it was something that had been made in the last five to ten years. The fact that it is over 20 years old, made during a time when VN were in their infancy makes me give the hang-ups a pass. I don’t think it is fair to judge the story based on the standards of 2019 visual novels and anime, because so much of what we know comes from VNs like these.

2. However if I have to play Monday morning quarterback on this series, there are a few things I would change. Most notably I think it might have been better to merge Yu-No and Sayless into a single character. This would have kept the story stronger and made the relationship with Takuya heavier and more believable.

3. Sala should have been cut out of the story entirely. Her entire reason for being in the story is just to have someone for Takuya to talk to, and then fuck. She has no real place in the story and everything would have been better served if she had been replaced with Amanda. Sala is basically the story’s equivalent of the first sex scene in the Fate route of Fate Stay Night, shoved in because people will think it’ll help sell the VN.

4. You know you are a dyed in the wool anime fan when the incest subtext becoming plain straight text doesn’t bother you nearly as much as the fact that Takuya and Amanda ate Kun-Kun, and that Kun-Kun evolved from a dragon to a hot chick. That’s honestly probably my most f*cked up anime moment of 2019.

5. In regards to the incest. It’s there, it happens. Is it a bit unsettling? Yeah it is, more so for Yu-No than with Kanna, but again, this is a VN made during a time where almost all of them were just considered porn. Being an anime fan always means you have to handle to strange stuff that comes with the culture. It never bothered me during both the anime and the VN, but’s there and you react to it how you will.

6. What DOES bother me though is that Takuya and Eriko never hook up. I mean they do mess around in that locker, but she remains the only girl of the cast to actually not have full on sex with Takuya. Considering the amount of sexual tension and chemistry the two have, it is a damn shame that never ended up happening.

7. After watching the true endings, I still really don’t care for Mio as a character. She just doesn’t have the chemistry with Takuya that the other leads, even Kaori has. She again feels like someone who Takuya shouldn’t really be interested in, because he’s kind of beyond that whole teenage romance stuff at this point in his life.

8. I still have a lot of love for the anime of YU-NO which does do some scenes better than in the VN, however most of what it adds doesn’t really do much for the plot, and it’s stapling of the Kaori arc onto the Ayumi one still irks me, considering it removed a lot of Ayumi’s story from the anime.

9. Sayless’s death in the VN is still really fucking dumb and anti-climactic as all hell. I’ll give that point to the anime every-time. Even Amanda’s banishment to the normal world feels strangely ‘eh’, especially how fast Takuya kinda just forgets about it.

10. YU-NO is a series I will never ever forget, and an experience I will treasure for the rest of my time in the Anime fandom and beyond.


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