YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World (Visual Novel): The Ayumi, Mio and Kanna True Endings

Our look at the visual novel of YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World continues! We are almost at the end, but there is one more thing we have to talk about. Most visual novels often have multiple endings and the most notable is the ‘true ending’ that serves as the canon conclusion to a route or relationship. YU-NO is no strange to these, with three of them for Ayumi, Mio and Kanna. So join me after the cut as I give you my thoughts on the True Endings of YU-NO!

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Wish there was a Mitsuki True End!

Ayumi True End

The Ayumi ending is (no surprise) is extremely solid. It serves as a great wrap up to what is still the strongest arc of the entire series. This ending like of all of them is relatively light, focusing more on the playful and sexual banter while explaining where both Takuya and his love ended up. In this story, we see Ayumi and Takuya have moved to another city with Takuya studying to be a historian and Ayumi continuing her own career path in the sciences. That’s all there is really, but considering what Ayumi goes through in her route, it warms the heart to see that she has been able to find love and affection from someone who clearly adores her.

Ayumi True End
I’d dive into that valley.

Mio True End

This ending surprised me with how much I enjoyed it and it is actually my favorite out of the three. That’s because I found that this is honestly one of the only times where Takuya and Mio actually click as a couple. Again the banter is sexual and playful, but I found that it was more true to a real relationship than any of the similar dialogue they shared in route. Mio, now on her way to getting her doctorate, feels much more comfortable in her own skin and with who she is as a woman. Takuya who now works as his assistant is the same old person, and the playful teasing works really well now that Mio doesn’t have anything to prove, (or just finally got laid). Again Mio’s route was the strongest when it focused on her love of history and desire to uncover the mysteries of Triangle Mountain, so it’s good to see it all cap off in this little ending.

Mio True End
Where was this confidence in the entire damn route girl?

Kanna True End

Knowing the truth of Kanna and Takuya’s relationship (that she is his and Amanda’s daughter) might make people do a double take, but I’m going to put that aside for a moment. On the whole I really like this ending and the more relaxed and playful nature that Kanna shows here. Once again it’s all banter about sex, but it also shows a Kanna who seems to have reconciled her past and embraced who is as a person. She now works as an office clerk with Takuya studying at university, and both are living together in Kanna’s apartment, a peaceful and quiet life where the two don’t want for much and just enjoying being together. Considering the life of Kanna shown throughout the route, it was touching to see she is able to find peace and happiness with the man she loves. Again the truth of their real relationship is…there, but it is good to see that peace and contentment.

Kanna True End
Don’t think you have the ass for a g-string though Kanna, sorry!

Overall Thoughts

These true endings are mostly bonus content, coming after you complete the main story and requiring you to go back and replay the game. Thankfully this is made super easy by a very quick skip dialogue option and the ability to restart after the prologue with EVERY item. I got to each true ending in about 5-6 minutes with only a bit more time taken with Mio’s because of the mechanics of getting through the cave. It was really good to see that the game respects your time in this regard and lets you cut right to the chase.

Overall the endings are again, very light and I was surprised at just how sex heavy they were. (I swear each of them has Takuya angling to try for anal sex.) But if you put aside the events of the other world route, then Takuya was always this person, a good, but horny man, and these endings how him in a healthy, trusting and happy relationship with all three of the main girls. That is honestly all I could ask for, and I was satisfied for each of them in a different way.

And with that, we’ve completely covered every bit of YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World. Join me next time as I wrap everything up with my concluding thoughts on this series. Don’t miss it!


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