Quick Thoughts on ReZero Season 1 Relaunch and Season 2 News!: I am Intrigued.

I’ve made it no secret on this blog that I love Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. I think it is the closest Isekai has gotten to it’s ‘great work’ and it remains not just the best anime of it’s year, but one of the best of the last decade. Natsuki Suburu’s character arc is one of the best in the entire anime artform, and the character of Rem has become one of those rare characters that will define an entire waifu generation.

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season
The suffering of Subaru continues

We’ve already known about the second season, and now we’ve gotten a confirmation that it will be airing in spring 2020, with 2 cours no less. This is excellent news, as the sooner we can get back to this world the better. What was surprising though is the news that season one is going to be re-aired and re-edited in the lead up to the premier of season 2. Yet not only is the first season going to be re-edited, it is going to have new footage!

Now I am not expecting much from this new footage, which will probably just stretch out a few scenes and add bit more meat to some areas. What is important though, is that this inserting of new footage will hopefully mean they piece of the ending they cut (because they probably never thought the series would get a second season) will be put back in. I won’t talk about it in detail here, but what they cut from the final scenes of ReZero is MONUMENTALLY important because of what happens next. So if anything, I do hope that we get a clear transition from the happy ending of the first season, to the continued suffering of the next.

I love ReZero to death, and I can’t wait to go back into this world, yet I won’t lie to you. I’m keeping my hopes for this season SUBTERRANEAN. I don’t want to go in with any wishes, desires or expectations, and in fact I’m going to be going in with the lowest of low bars. If the season is even as half as good as the best parts of the first, then we are in for a very good time.


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