Don’t @ Me: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Last Round of 2019 Edition

I’m back across the pond, all my vacation responsibilities and I’m here to talk about anime shit. Welcome back to Don’t @ Me where, like the Funimation Anime of the the Decade awards, I come to drop down some controversial, biased and extremely un-researched opinions on everything about anime and beyond. Today we are wrapping up the year of 2019, by doing the exact same shit I do every time. Join me after the cut!

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1. Overall Anime in 2019 was not as strong as Anime in 2018, however the year really did pick up after the halfway point with some really great series. Looking forward to giving you all my thoughts when I do my awards tomorrow! Also go watch Babylon!

2. I tried really hard to experience Steins:Gate through the VN format, but I just couldn’t get into it. However I have been watching the anime and so far it’s really good. I think I need to watch things in anime form BEFORE going to the visual novel, which I’m starting to see as “additional” info. That worked with YU-NO, and I’m sure it will work here.

3. Why do Anitubers (anime commentators on YouTube) hate each other so much? I don’t get involved in any of the drama, but there has been a bunch of shade thrown on certain voices in that community. That’s what I love about my experience in WordPress, we all seem to get along even though we view anime in different ways.

4. If your surprised that Funimation (and Crunchyroll) end of year/decade awards are the most by the numbers, milquetoast, uninteresting thing, then I don’t know what you were expecting. OF COURSE they weren’t going to pick the sleeper hits, or anything that didn’t come out in the last *check notes* five years. Were you expecting anything else?

5. People seem to be turning against Demon Slayer because it is scooping up awards. My opinion on that series is the same as it has always been, and probably always will be. It’s a rock solid (but nothing spectacular) story that won the lottery by getting Ufotable to adapt it.

6. Been really enjoying my look into the Light Novels of Goblin Slayer, you can expect some reviews on the first two novels (which compose what the anime adapted) sometime real soon. Also, Sword Maiden’s nipples still remain the best character of the series, like damn woman!

7.  Anime 2020 is going to be divided into two different acts: Before Redo of a Healer, and After Redo of a Healer. Cause holy shit, if you were annoyed at all by the discourse surrounding Goblin Slayer and The Rising of the Shield Hero, then you need to be prepared for what is coming.

8. Like seriously man, while Goblin Slayer’s controversial scene was only one episode, and The Rising of the Shield Hero’s hubbub was just fucking dumb. But Redo of a Healer? That’s for the ENTIRE series, and it’s getting an anime. The shit-storm is going to be massive, and I’m not going to enjoy it at all. I doubt anyone is.

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