Goblin Slayer Volume 3: Two Girls; One Festival

Our look at the light novels of Goblin Slayer continue. Last time we had just finished our look at the first two volumes which covered everything the anime has adapted so far. Now we step into unknown territory as everything that happens next has yet to hit the TV screen.  Let’s not waste anytime, join me after the cut as I dive into the third volume of the Light Novel series: Goblin Slayer.

No straps can put Cow Girl out.

If there is anything I’ve gleamed from this third volume of Goblin Slayer is that the series is probably going to be an episodic one. While the characters do develop, the events and moments look like they are going to be confined into their singular volumes. That makes sense really, because the whole thesis of what Goblin Slayer is as a series is that this isn’t about the heroic quest. There may be a demon lord, and a chosen one to save the world, but that isn’t the person we are following. Slayer is focused on only one thing, killing goblins, and the heart of the story is about how other people live around and react to a man like that.

This is what is really at the heart of this volume as we leave behind the adventures and instead focus on the upcoming harvest festival. Both Guild Girl and Cow Girl are eager to spend the day with Goblin Slayer and the story is really about that, with of course, some goblin slaying thrown in for good measure. I personally thought it would be a bit of a step down after the high-octane action of the last two volumes, but I found that this slice of life break was actually quite nice.

The relationship between Guild Girl and Goblin Slayer was good to see. It is clear that the reason so many girls are interested in our titular hero is because he represents the simple everyday man, the one who takes his job, gets it done, then comes back and does it all again. There is no ego involved, no trying to save the world, but doing what one can to make a better place. Guild Girl, who spends day after day tending to the bravado of would-be adventures is clearly more interested in a simple man like Goblin Slayer who knows his limits and pays attention to the world, not just the glory.

It’s clear to see why Guild Girl has such a crush on Goblin Slayer, because he is one of the few who takes the job seriously.

Cow Girl, as the childhood friend meanwhile, also does well in this volume, with her time and relationship with Goblin Slayer getting some much needed developed. As one of the survivors of the attack that destroyed both their families, Cow Girl in a sense serves the same role that Goblin Slayer does for Sword Maiden. She among all the other characters seems to “get it” when it comes to who Slayer is. While both of their roles take them in opposite directions, she is content with her place in the world and knows that he will always return to her. It is telling in the series that so far, it is only Cow Girl who actually spends real time with Goblin Slayer when he is out of his armor.

Seeing Cow Girl let loose for a bit, and have some fun was good to see, and I like her role as Goblin Slayer’s “place to come back to,”

The rest of the story was a brisk enjoyable read, with the author clearly having fun poking at some silly things in the fantasy genre, most notable with Female Knight debating whether or not to invest in a chain-mail bikini to try and get her partner’s attention. It is a good bit of fun at a silly trope, and I liked how Goblin Slayer’s blunt honesty helped Female Knight realize the choice she needed to make. Priestess and the rest of the core cast do well enough in the volume as well, with Priestess donning a sexy festival dress and flail that allows her to throw down just a little bit more when the fighting comes.

If I had to criticize one thing about the volume, it is that the villain of the piece: Dark Elf feels sort of shoved in there. While the fighting and battles are well written, he doesn’t really seem to have a place in this story, and only really serves as an excuse to have an action piece. I don’t know if the author was comfortable enough at this point in the series to have a volume with no fighting, but it does feel a little bit jammed in there. Though I was happy to see that Goblin Slayer’s elite goblin slaying skills don’t always translate perfectly over to actual fighting.

This final little scene shows that even our hero needs to rest, and that Cow Girl is just happy to have him nearby.

Goblin Slayer Volume 3 is a good enough piece of literature, and if you loved these characters then you’ll enjoy stepping back into this world. I’m going to have re-adjust my expectations going forward as It is clear that is story isn’t going to be some grand sweeping epic, but maybe that’s for the best. Either way, if you love Goblin Slayer, give this volume a look, if only for the pictures of Priestess’s cute little booty.

I mean look at it! Priestess has got it going on!

2 thoughts on “Goblin Slayer Volume 3: Two Girls; One Festival

  1. The truth is, Dark Elf really does have place in the story but only showing himself in volume 3. volume 1 to volume 3 is actually big stage of him but his plan ruined by GS. the fact that he already make some move is hidden to reader until you search and connect every chain that link from volume 1 to volume 3. here i give you some truth about him from volume 1 to volume 3.

    1st, remember the Ogre? in volume 1 he (Ogre) mentioned Demon Lord general, the one whose give him the goblin is him (Dark Elf) Demon Lord general. from this you can see why he had so many goblin under his command, right?

    2nd, remember when GS say someone had teach and place them under Water Town City? it was him (Dark Elf). he was plan to kill Sword Maiden and destroy the city using goblin as army and he also the one whose responsible for putting mirror that connected to goblin world (green moon), kidnaping citizen and sacrifice them to activated some ritual

    3rd, remember when HEA say that her home its not far away from the ruin where they’re try to investigated? the fact is, that ruin where they fight Ogre is located near elven kingdom border which also near Water Town City that actually connect to sewer under Water Town City (water town city actually build from the old ancient city below). so thats why goblin appear out of nowhere under the city because the one whose put mirror under the city is Ogre who is his underling.

    here i explain to you what Dark Elf gonna do with his plan.

    when they succeeded to activated some ritual, he will begin an attack from inside the city and make chaos using goblin to rampage entire city. while chaos already occur in the city, Ogre from the ruin begin their attack against the city from outside with his army, destroying their wall defense and reinforce their already estabilished army then finally attack the temple where Sword Maiden live and kill her.

    well… his plan is really brilliant but unfortunately ruined by GS.

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