Swing Out Sisters: Salt and Pepper

Man, I wonder if this is stepping over the Rubicon yet?

Shallow Dives in Anime has been no stranger when it comes to talking about Hentai. While I was hesitant to talk about it at first, I’ve come to the conclusion that no, I want to talk about these series, the ones I like, the ones that are important and so forth. I like hentai, as I am sure many people in the anime fandom do. It is part of this genre as much as anything else and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It deserves to be discussed and talk about.

This series I’ve discussed a few times before, and it was number 1 on my list of top favorite hentai. Let’s not waste anymore time, after the cut let’s take a shallow dive into the hentai series: Swing Out Sisters.

((This is a Hentai. There will be VERY NSFW pictures up ahead. Please read with your own discretion.))

Swing Out Sisters


Giving a review of something like Swing Out Sisters is strange. Unlike the previous series I have looked that, there isn’t really much aside from what it is suppose to be. While Sense of Values of Wine had a tender love story, Emergence provided a dark and depressing look at how drugs can ruins someone’s life, and Bible Black was more about the legacy of itself. Swing Out Sisters doesn’t have any of that. It is a straight up hentai, and nothing else. There is no attempts to have a plot, no attempts at even a narrative. It is just sex, sex, sex, and sex. I’m not going to sit here and try to convince you that it is something else. I call a spade and spade, and Swing Out Sisters primary concern to giving the viewer good sex to oogle at. Nothing more, nothing less.

Related image
Don’t expect any answers to why Yuuta, Chinatsu and Chiyo are fucking, where their parents are, if they are even related, or pretty much anything. This is all about teh sex.

And honestly? That’s exactly what makes it so good.

Instead of trying to justify itself. Sisters is more than happy to indulge in what a hentai is supposed to be: animated porn. And unlike other series that try to do this, Sisters actually does it well, exceptionally well. Like I have said before, hentai is a genre that is infamous for cutting corners, with studios opting to repeat frames over and over, and in the case of some, have the characters move as if you were pushing two pieces of paper together. Now while Sisters isn’t the prettiest hentai out there, or even the best animated, it has a consistent art style and more important two beautiful women.

Chinatsu and Chiyo are quite frankly some of the hottest girls hentai has ever graced. They are both busty, curvy in the right places, and their opposite personalities make them clash well against each other, and the object of their affection. There have been hentai where the proportions of the girls are often exaggerated, sometimes comically so, but Sisters decides to keep things, if not realistic, but relatively in control.

Image result for swing out sisters hentai
Well, OK it’s still unrealistic, but hentai has made em far bigger.

In terms of sex, Swing Out Sisters is probably one more the more vanilla outings the genre has delivered. In a genre that often takes throwing every kink at the board and sees what (heh) sticks, Sisters opts to keep things clean and healthy, with most of the sexual activities being the straight vanilla. Cowgirl, doggy style, anal, missionary, stuff that is often par for the course hentai, almost completely expected even in the most generic of outings. What is great though that with it’s long running time of 92 minutes, Sisters opts to do as much as it can with what it has, and the sex scenes are varied each time, with both Chinatsu and Chiyo getting their fair share of the coupling in.

Related image
Chiyo and Chinatsu may be sisters, but they are different enough to keep the sex scenes varied. I personally can’t pick a favorite among the two.

That run time is no joke though, at 92 minutes, Swing Out Sisters is one of the longest hentai on record, and almost 90% of it is just straight up sex scenes, but like I said before, the show delivers the goods and there is never a dip in animation as the good times keep rolling. I do admit that, with such a long running time, I wish that Sisters had taken some time to explain a bit of it’s story, while Yuuta is fucking his sisters, why they are OK with, and frankly how they got to this point in the first place. Again, it is a hentai, so there isn’t a need for some grand explanation, but even a bit of lip service to the fact would have been nice. There is a bit of time spent on the fact that Yuuta is afraid that his sisters might end up leaving him, but that is only window dressing to get the story to the next sex scene, which hey, that’s pretty good payoff.

Related image
The final sex scenes are damn good, though I could have asked for bit more Yuri action between Chinatsu and Chiyo.

Swing Out Sisters is one of my favorite hentai for good reason. It’s good sex that doesn’t try to bore you with silly plot. The girls are exceptionally pretty, the animation isn’t insulting and the sex is varied and simple. There is a sense of simple pure gentleness that, especially in this day and age, hentai has seemed to forgotten, more concerned with fulfilling kinks and shock value than just good wholesome trips to bone-town. While some may raise their eyebrows at the incest angle (and look, this is hentai, that’s literally 85% of the genre right there) Sisters doesn’t spend too much time on that fact. If I was going to show someone a hentai and didn’t want to freak them out with something like Bible Black, or the like. Then Swing Out Sisters is what I would show them. It is the salt and pepper of hentai. The solid ham and cheese sandwich that serves as a backbone for the black hole of insanity that this genre can create. I think it is a masterpiece of basic simple anime sex, and if you want to see if I am right, then you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Image result for swing out sisters chiyo and chinatsu
The chibi scenes are also quite nice, and I like the idea that these two girls are too much for our boy Yuuta to handle. Not that he should be complaining.


2 thoughts on “Swing Out Sisters: Salt and Pepper

  1. “There have been hentai where the proportions of the girls are often exaggerated, sometimes comically so, but Sisters decides to keep things, if not realistic, but relatively in control.”

    One of the show’s best selling points, I think.

    “There is a sense of simple pure gentleness that, especially in this day and age, hentai has seemed to forgotten, more concerned with fulfilling kinks and shock value than just good wholesome trips to bone-town.”

    And that’s the other!

    I think a meta topic is why hentai is even more polarizing than live-action porn. I mean, you’d think hentai would be considered more acceptable because — literally — no one was injured or exposed to dangerous working conditions during the filming!

    Well, any more than anime animators are subjected to long working hours and low pay…

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