I Heard you Like Lists: Six more of my Favorite Anime and Manga Lines

I like lists, do you like lists? Well I heard you like lists. A few months ago I threw out a post that discussed my favorite lines from anime and manga. Today I’m going to do the same thing! Join me after the cut as I give you five more of my favorite lines

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1. Your mother isn’t in there. – Tsubame Kamoi from Uzamaid!

Image result for uzmaid misha sad

My Take: Uzamaid! was a funny black comedy, but I was surprised how effective it was a as serious show when it needed to be. This line is the best example of that, as it is Tsubame, the comical maid giving some harsh truth to little Misha when someone walks into her mother’s office, the temple she’s made for the deceased parent. It’s a powerful line that lets Misha know that she has to accept that her mom is gone.

2. I’ll tell him everything! I’ll tell him about every single time we’ve fucked! – Shinji Matou from Heaven’s Feel II Lost Butterfly (Dub and Sub)

Image result for sakura matou rape

My take: In the final moment before Sakura finally falls into darkness, this single line is deeply unsettling. The use of the word ‘fuck’ in this line still sends a chill down my spine, simply because it’s usage in anime is exceptionally rare. To see it in both the Japanese AND the English dub shows how powerful and important the scene is, and helps crystallize both the horrors that have befallen Sakura Matou, but the truth of what Shinji Matou really is. Damn unsettling and damn effective.

3. One Piece does exist! – Whitebeard from One Piece!

Image result for one piece does exist

My take: I’ve not talked about One Piece much, if at all on this blog, but the series has gone from strength to strength over the years. This final line from Whitebeard helps bring the overall idea of the series: finding the treasure of Gol D. Roger, back into focus. It’s a great line at the end of one of the series best arcs.

4. Ignore those milk troughs, I’m built for speed. – Koneko Tojo from High School DxD Hero (Dub)

Image result for koneko dxd season 4 night cat

My take: I could honestly (and should) make an entire post of this with JUST lines from Koneko’s English dub performance. There are so many fucking great lines, but this one from the fourth season is the best.

5. Did your brain slip down into your bewbs? – Rem Galleu from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (Dub)

Demon Lord pictures

My take: One of the many great scenes from one of the best ecchi of the last five years. With solid delivery from the ever talented Jad Saxton, this is a laugh out loud moment.

6. Well you’ll never know if you don’t say it – Ayumi Arima – YU-NO: A Girl who Chants Love at the Bound of this World (Visual Novel)

Ayumi Confession

My take: The best character from the best overall arc of the series delivers an absolute killer line. All the sexual tension, build up and hesitation shared between Takuya and Ayumi comes to a head here. How she goads him into confessing, how clearly she wants him to say it, and how badly Takuya wants to give into his desires is palpable in every single bit of dialogue in this conversation, but this one is the best of the bunch.

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