Yosuga no Sora: In solitude, where we are least alone: The Akira Arc

Our look at the anime series Yosuga no Sora: In solitude, where we are least alone continues! Last week we discussed the first two episodes and the Kazuha arc, which I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. This week we move on to the next two episodes which cover the other part of this story. Join me after the cut as we dive into next part of the series: The Akira Arc!

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Akira Amatsume: The girl who doesn’t want to rock the boat.

As Yosuga is a visual novel, there are moments in the story where the plot diverges into whatever route (or girl) you are following. What was interesting as I watched these next two episodes was how that played into the story itself. As Akira’s story is the “other side” of Kazuha’s, we see the point of divergence play out in the anime itself, which was something I enjoyed seeing. It’s always fun watching elements of a visual novel come to life in anime form, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about that as an aside.

Anyway, Akira’s story arc, from her character, to her plot is something that has been done countless times in anime. You don’t need to have been around this fandom for long to have watched at least one story line or a girl or guy who tries to hide all their pain behind a fake smile. The desire to not rock the boat and upset the status quo, despite it being unfair to them. Akira, behind her comedic and bubbly personality is another one of these stories, so your mileage will vary on how much you enjoy it. Personally I found the story to be quite good, though weaker compared to the last.

Image result for Yosuga no sora akira
Haruka is more of a reason to get the plot moving than a real character here.

Akira, abandoned by her mother and seen as the unwanted ‘bastard” child to the family, puts on a brave face, but clearly feels like she doesn’t belong. Despite that, she always attempts to put her problems to the side, to put on a smile and again, “not rock the boat,” when it comes to her family drama. Even when the possibility that Akira might actually be the legitimate daughter of the family, having been switched a birth, comes up. Akira refuses to even consider the possibility because it would “ruin everything she has now.” Even when Kazuha, who would be just as affected, if not more, by the revelations urges her to confront the truth whatever it may be.

Image result for Yosuga no sora akira
Being a teenage girl makes Akira’s attempts to maintain her life, even if it is bad for her, more understandable. She doesn’t have the maturity to really deal with it.

After watching these two episodes, I couldn’t help but feel that the Akira arc felt very much like a soap opera. The ideas presented: mysterious paternity, children switched at birth, the attempts to live through pain, were all stuff you expect to see from a daytime soap. I’ll admit that I’ve watched a fair bit of General Hospital in my day, so I pretty familiar with traditional soap stories and I felt those fingerprints all over this arc. Does that make it bad? Not at all, like with everything so far in Yosuga, it is a well told story done in the time that it is given, but there are times when the story does feel as overly dramatic like any soap is.

Haruka’s (who is really more of a plot device in this arc than last) relationship with Akira was also well done, and while the chemistry between the two characters isn’t as strong as it was with Kazuha, there is a clear sense of fondness and love that makes their relationship believable. Akira’s boldness (something all these girls share) with making advances on Haruka was surprising for someone of her character, as the bubbly girl often is too shy or too naive to realize what is going on. The ending sex scene is also much more ‘detailed’ than the previous, which only plays into Yosuga’s greatest strength: not pulling punches when it comes to its cast and sex.

Image result for yosuga no sora akira
The sex scenes in this arc are far better, and it is refreshing to see a character like Akira take charge.

The Akira Arc of Yosuga no Sora: In solitude where we are least alone is probably going to end up being the weakest of the four story arcs, which I think was a given. Kazuha’s was too well done, Nao’s seems to be very…spicy, and Sora is of course, why we are even discussing this series. The levee had to break somewhere and Akira’s was the only place where I think it could. I like watching it for all the reason I said above and last week, but I can’t deny that it does feel weaker. I was never bored though and I am absolutely pumped to see where this story goes next. So join me next week as I continue onto the next part of the series: The Nao arc!

Image result for Yosuga no sora akira
Akira calling sex “squeezing” is so fucking adorable.

2 thoughts on “Yosuga no Sora: In solitude, where we are least alone: The Akira Arc

  1. Unsurprisingly, I also felt the Akira arc to be the weakest of the stories in Yosuga no Sora: not for any faults of Akira or the writers, but simply because it was so similar to Kazuha’s, and the expectations had already been set from her arc. With this being said, it was a chance to show that Haruka is a very determined and focus individual determined to do right by those who are important to him, and of course, Akira’s own forwardness makes her a bit of a foil for the more reserved Kazuha!

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