Resort Boin: The Love Shack

And now for something completely different.

The last few weeks I’ve dabbled in some serious anime reviews, but now that’s all done and I need a break. I wanna talk about something fun, sexy and stupid. And what is more fun, sex and stupid then a good ol hentai! Buckle up, prepare yourself, and join me after the cut as I dive into one of the most legendary hentai series ever made. A classic among classics: Resort Boin

((I’m not holding ANYTHING back with this one guys. Expect VERY NSFW screenshots/GIFS below!))

Resort Boin
That’s where it’s at!


I want you to picture a fast food hamburger. Not the burger you get when you order though. I want you to picture the hamburger you see on the commercials, on the billboards, in pictures. The hamburger that seems almost perfectly crafted, that seems almost unnaturally perfect. That my friends is Resort Boin. It is the commercial hamburger. Over the course of three episodes, Boin subjects its viewer to some of the best hentai ever created, with some of the most beautiful anime girls to ever grace the screen, and some of the best sex scenes in the genre. Watching it again for this review, I was honestly impressed at just how well made and crafted this series is.

Image result for Resort boin hentai gif
Scene like the one with Mika are lovingly crafted, with attention paid to things that hentai often disregards. (Also, best scene imo)

Like I’ve said in the past, the production values for a hentai often range between the magnificent art pieces (Another Lady Innocent), to the most crude and rushed jobs imaginable (Anything by Queen Bee or released before 2000). Resort Boin however seems to have found a sweet spot between the two though. While it isn’t the prettiest of series released, Boin has something that very few multi-part hentai are able to have: consistency. Each of the three episodes never suffers any major drop in animation, and everything looks the same from each episode. The anime is lovingly crafted and attention is paid to little details that too often are forgotten in series like this. When Daisuke brushes his hand against one of the girls breasts, you can actually see it move. When he picks up one of the girls during the sex, you can see their long hair fall down as it might. I’ve said it before, but Hentai is known for cutting corners, and doing the absolute bare minimum to get its point across, so I was just floored to see at how good it can look when love and effort is put into it.

Daisuke’s entire character can be summed up as ‘Wow, look at the cock on that one!”

In regards to the story, well it’s a hentai so there isn’t much. We follow Daisuke as arrive for his island vacation. Tagging along are his friends Nao and Mitsugu who waste no time trying to get him into their pants. The fun is joined by his quiet and demure cousin Mia, the clumsy but busty Momona, the sporty and tough Mika, and the sultry and slutty Kanae, and plenty of sex is had. Each of the girls have their own scenes, either alone with Daisuke, or with another female (including a girl on girl scene with Mika and Kanae), so plenty of love and attention is given to the entire cast. However it is Nao who steals the show, as the busty red-head gets not one, not two, but FIVE scenes throughout the series, and each of them waste no time showcasing her curvy, busty and thicc self.

Image result for Resort boin nao gif
Nao is probably one of the best hentai girls ever made. Every scene she is in jaw dropping, hot under the collar, fucking sexy stuff.

In terms of the sex scenes, Resort Boin is a hentai in the mold of Swing Out Sisters in that everything shown is pretty much boilerplate vanilla. Aside from one strange ass detour with a tentacle monster (that makes no sense at all), and wee bit of BDSM. Everything is by the book standard sexual shenanigans. Missionary, doggy-style, threesomes, blowjobs, tit-jobs, girl on girl. It’s all you expect from hentai, but what makes it so good this time around is that Resort Boin waste not effort in making this sex look good. Even better is that Boin is one of the few hentai released that is fully uncensored and it surprised me how more effective it was when you can see everyone’s business without the stupid pixels. If your looking for anything risky or ‘out there’ then Boin will leave you disappointed, but if you are here for the bread and butter of what a hentai can give you, then boy does it fucking deliver.

Resort Boin Orgy 1
The girls are constantly switching up as well, with many of them sharing different scenes, keeping things fresh.

Resort Boin is, as I said at the top, that image of the fast food hamburger that you never see in stores. This is a hentai where everyone came to play and brought their A game. While several hentai have come out since this, and many have been excellent, none have really touched the level of greatness that Resort Boin has. It is just a straight up, damn good anime porno, and they really don’t make em like this anymore. If you have ever dabbled in hentai, then you have already either seen this, or seen images of it. If that is the case, then go watch it again. If you by some chance have not come across this hentai, then go fix that immediately. It’s not as pretty as Another Lady Innocent, it’s not as freaky as Bible Black, and it is not as sweet as My Household`s Liliana-san, but it is the absolute BEST of the basic.

Image result for Resort boin hentai gif
Still one of the best lesbians scenes in the entire genre

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