Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions: Coronavirus Edition

The world may be getting sick, which means its anime’s time to rise. Welcome back to Don’t @ Me where, like the hope that the cute Platelets will save us all, I march out my opinions on anime, manga and anything else concerning this great industry. We took a week off to do some housekeeping last time, but now we are back. So join me after the cut as I prescribe ten more of my opinions!

Image result for anime platelets
The Platelets will save us all.


1. If I get stuck at home because of all this Coronavirus nonsense (and stay safe out there readers!), then I’m gonna start my Sword Art Online watch a bit early, that or finally try Future Diary. Either way, it’ll be chance to get some anime watched.

2. Date A Live releases its final light novel this week, bringing the series to an end. That’s a little sad, but it’ll be good to see that the series is bowing out on an apparent strong note. I only have a gist of what has happened after the anime, but I do hope it doesn’t go a sad ending. Tohka needs to be happy!

3. ReZero’s second season has been delayed because of the virus outbreak. That really fucking sucks, but understandable. Safety of the animators is always number one, and I don’t mind waiting a bit more. It’ll come out, and I just pray that it is decent.

4. I’m finding myself caught in this loop where I don’t know if I like the Nekopara visual novel, or the Nekopara anime better. They are the same ‘thing’ but they are also vastly different, and not just because of the sex. I blame Pete from Moegamer for all of this!

5. Also, you wanna get shitfaced? Load up the Nekopara visual novel and take a shot every time you hear the phrase “goshunji-sama.” You’ll be drunk or dead within five minutes.

6. Shonen Jump and Bleach keep teasing this massive new announcement, which is most likely an anime series for the final arc that was never done. That’s cool, the Bleach anime had some really great moments, and they allow Tite Kubo to vastly extend the final arc, then I’m in. Gimme more Bankais dammit!

7. My collaboration post with Infinite Zenith(and previous ones with Ecchi Hunter)  have been really fun to do. It’s so great to sit down and have a pow-wow about an anime with someone who has a different view. I’m more than willing and hoping to have future discussions with other bloggers. (Looks hopefully at Irina, Crow, and Yomu)

8. I really did not like Shinmai Maou no Testament. I have deeply personal, strange, and psychological reasons (that I don’t even fully understand) which have stopped me from watching Chivalry of a Failed Knight, but none of that comes CLOSE to this insane rampant hate-boner that I’ve seen for Sword Art Online. I hope when I re-watch the series I can finally understand why, or just laugh at the sheer insanity some people have over it.

9. Next Hentai review is probably gonna be KanojoxKanojoxKanojo, Nee Chanto Shiyo Yo! or this new one that just crossed my desk Kakushi Dere. Don’t know which one yet, I’ll probably draw lots or something.

10. Right, let’s end this with some anime booty.

Anime Booty
All ready to face down this virus!


5 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Ten of my Anime Opinions: Coronavirus Edition

  1. D’you know where to find Date A Live’s light novel? I’ve been looking for it and haven’t been able to find anything on an official translation, or the like. Just summaries of stuff that happens. I hope Tohka, my sweet little cinnamonroll, is going to be okay =(

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  2. The delays that occurred with Re:Zero and some of the seasonal anime are disappointing but certainly understandable. Safety is the top priority here. I never understood the rage online when some of the shows were delayed. The way I look at it- we are lucky that we are getting anything at all at this time. Worst case scenario if all ongoing productions are delayed then there is an insane library of already existing series and films worth exploring. Heck I have such a huge backlog of series to finish/watch that I could some time with no new series and still be fine.

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  3. “I’m more than willing and hoping to have future discussions with other bloggers. (Looks hopefully at Irina, Crow, and Yomu)”

    What do you have in mind? I feel like asking if you have a brochure or something (which makes sense if you watched classic Simpsons…)

    Though I’ll say one thing: If it comes down to time and you have to choose between Irina and me, choose Irina. One thing I’ve learned to appreciate is a collaboration partner who elevates my writing, and every post I write with Irina is head and shoulders above what I could write alone.


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