Quick Thoughts on Date A Live Season 4 Announcement: Once Again, Let’s start our Date…

This news is red hot off the presses right now (for me at least) but I just had to get my thoughts out. It has been announced that Date A Live has been green-lit for a fourth season!

Date A Live IV

This is wonderful news. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Date A Live is the absolute pinnacle of the ‘B-tier’ harem series. The best series that is “solidly good, but not great.” To see it get a fourth season, especially after the rough production of the third is nothing short of a surprise. I had a feeling it would happen sometime, but to see it confirmed so soon after the end of the third seasons (which was last year!) gives me hope for other harem series like High School DxD. Also, to see this happen the same week that the final light novel volume releases (coincidence I’m sure) is a happy thought.

We have next to no information about it right now, but even at its worst (animation wise), Date A Live has always been an entertaining and fun romp. My only personal hope is that sweet ARMS, who has sung all three opening themes will return for the fourth.

It’s safe to say that I’m THRILLED at this news, and you can be sure that talk about Date A Live will be showing up again on this blog in the future.

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