Quick Thoughts on The Last Two Episodes of Azur Lane: Yvan Eht Nioj

The last two episodes of the anime Azur Lane, which were pushed back due to the animators needing more time, have just been released. When I gave my thoughts on the series back when it was airing, I said it was for two types of people: Fans of the mobile game (like me!) or someone who was watching a rather sub par show with tons of cute girls. Now that the series has wrapped up, what are my final thoughts?

Azur lane


That’s pretty much it. The show was decent before, and the last two episodes do very little, if anything to change my mind. Aside from the absolutely kicker theme song, Azur Lane was a exactly what it was suppose to be: A commercial for the mobile game. However unlike Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia from the Fate series, this anime didn’t have a story or compelling enough characters to make it work. Frankly, the show has too many characters for it to work, and too often the plot wasn’t able to get on a even footing, when there was one. If Azur Lane had finished before 2019 had ended, it very well might have been my worst anime of that year, just because there is no real heart put into it.

I’m not mad though, I play the mobile game because I like collecting sexy anime ship girls, and by all accounts, the game is doing swimmingly (heh) at the moment. This anime was harmless enough that I never felt my time was wasted, but it also felt that I wasn’t seeing the best of what it could have been. There has been rumblings that another anime from another studio is coming in the future, one that is more comedic, so that will be something to look forward to. I like the world of Azur Lane, and I wish that that world had been given just a bit more love. Either way..I got my Bismarck.


4 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on The Last Two Episodes of Azur Lane: Yvan Eht Nioj

  1. I had fun watching the spectacle overall, even if the anime did not convince me to become a player of the mobile game. Maybe you can convince me the merits of a mobile game that desktop gaming cannot offer in terms of experience 😉

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