Chivalry of a Failed Knight: Your Fool in April

I am a man of my word.

For months, well over a year now I have said that I would do it. That I would put aside my deeply personal and rather insane reasons for not watching this show. That I would suck it up and just watch what I’ve heard is a decent anime romance. Well…that day has finally come. Join me after the cut as I dive into the series that has dogged my footsteps and haunted my thoughts. This is Chivalry of a Failed Knight.

This post is dedicated with all the respect and affection to Crow from Crow’s World of Anime.

Gakusen toshi asterisk (TV Series 2015– ) - IMDb
Don’t know why it has the subtitle “The Asterisk War” Kinda feels it was long enough.

The series follows main leads Ikki Kurogane, a skilled but somehow failing member of the Blazers, a group of humans with *checks wikipedia*  the ability to form weapons or something. Anyway, when Ikki who has been bullied and push down accidentally walked in on star pupil Stella Vermillion in the middle of undressing, the situation ends up in a duel where, through happenstance, Ikki ends up the victor, and he and Stella become roommates.

Chivalry of a failed knight vs. Asterisk war | Anime Amino
A classic misunderstanding between Ikki and Stella (pictured here) sets the stage for the romance.

Failed Knight is at its heart a love story, but what makes it stand out is that the entire anime is dominated by a “will they, won’t they” romance where the two leads circle around each other for 12 to 24 episodes before finally admitting they are in love. Failed Knight instead has the two leads get together rather early in the story, and the anime focuses on them working out their emotions, dealing with the increasing sexual tension between the two, and preparing their abilities for the *looks at wikipedia again* Seven Star Mage knight tournament. Of course that doesn’t stop the show from being a semi-harem, and despite being the supposed worst one of the school, Ikki soon gathers an assortment of girls all vying for his affections, though the show is clear that Stella is the main girl.

The Asterisk War Episode 24: Hydra Attack! Claudia's Dad Did What?
While the show has harem-like aspects, the show isn’t really a harem, as Stella and Ikki (pictured here) pretty much get together right off the bat.

Now aside from all of that, Failed Knight is a overall decent show with passable action, fun characters, and more time spent on character development than what would be expected. The heart of the anime though is how much you are invested in the relationship between the two leads, and again, it is pleasantly surprising that Failed Knight just comes right out and makes the two leads a couple, which allows the show to go into new and interesting directions (and sexual when you get into the Light Novels apparently). Despite my hesitation to get into this series, and the vague, strange personal reasons preventing me, I have to admit that I ended up quite-

Wait..hold on…someone is talking to me. What is it dude?

Yeah…yeah…hold on what?

This isn’t Chivalry of a Failed Knight? Are you sure? Cause I’m looking at it and it all checks out.

Black Haired Guy, Pink Hair Girl. Relationship involves one of them walking in on the other changing. They end up having a battle because of that,  Plenty of swords and fighting. Set in an academy with a multi-academy tournament?

Amagiri Ayato VS Elliot Foster Full Sword Fight Gakusen Toshi ...
Are ya sure? Cause all of this shit checks out right now.

Wait this is the OTHER show? There were two shows with almost the exact same plot and set up? Well that’s fucking weird, it would be so easy to get that shit confused. Oh well, I doubt anyone will notice.

Anyway, Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a pretty decent show, centered on a relationship that goes above and beyond what you’d expect a disposable light novel series like this would do. Many people love it, and I can see why. Check it out for yourself if you are so keen!


4 thoughts on “Chivalry of a Failed Knight: Your Fool in April

  1. When I first read the tweet, I was like, “What the…?”

    Now I feel like I need to write a response where I describe in great detail how Julis is not Stella and vice versa. First, Julis would have to borrow a lot from Kirin to compete with Stella.

    In terms of sword skills. What’d you think I meant?

    Then there’s the whole pink hair versus red hair thing…

    The worst part about all this? I still don’t know what you really think of Chivalry of a Failed Knight! Argh!

    Seriously, nicely done!

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