Don’t @ Me: Ten of My Anime Opinions: Bunch of Stuff Edition

We took last week off, but now we are back in the saddle. Welcome to Don’t @ Me where, like my bewilderment at the idea that people think Sword Art Online is ‘the worst anime ever’, I log into this world to give you my hot-takes and from the hip opinions on everything related to Anime, Manga and the like. Plenty to talk about this time around, so grab your waifus, and let’s get to it!

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1. I don’t have this intense dislike of Funimation that several anime fans have. Yes, their streaming player is hot garbage (like holy fuck, guys), but I have always enjoyed most of their work. They have been good stewards of the anime industry, helping to keep it going during the dark ages after 4kids’s stranglehold collapsed. Do they play loose with a few dub scripts? Yeah, but considering that apparently everything hates dubs (again really?), I don’t understand the level of hate.

2. THAT BEING SAID. This article by company talking about how they now have ‘a seat” at the table of anime production committees, makes me very apprehensive. Simply put, I don’t want the west’s hands anywhere NEAR the anime industry, bringing in their bullshit ideologies (any of them) and clout chasing antics to what is possibly the last piece of entertainment that has true creative freedom. Regardless of your beliefs, or anything, you should absolutely not want the culture war in this medium.

3. My next life as Villainess, All Flags Lead to Doom! or Bakarina has already become my favorite ‘new’ anime this season. I’ve completely fallen in love with that show and that theme song has been on repeat for the last day. (Like inject that song into my VEINS!) I really hope the show is good the whole way through!

4. ReZero’s directors cut did exactly what it was suppose to do in its final episode: add in the missing scene to link the two seasons together. Could they have just re-aired the final two episodes instead of a ‘director’s cut’ that really didn’t add anything else? Probably, but it’s ReZero, that shit is great, and the added scene was great.

5. And even with ReZero being delayed, this season is absolutely stacked. There is so much to watch, and a lot of doesn’t seem to warrant an early job. If there is one silver lining to everything happening right now, is that it’s freed up a lot of time for me to get through the backlog and this heavy season.

6. I mean man, I’ve been throwing out a post every day for almost two weeks now. That’s some impressive shit, but hey, views and followers have gone up! So thanks for reading and watching!

7. I have really struggled to get into Tsugumomo. Which is a bit of shame, because I’ve head it’s a solid ecchi. I just can’t care for the main female lead, who is the worst type of Tsundere. I’m going to try it again soon, but it just hasn’t been pulling me in.

8. Parallel Paradise got it’s first volume translated and released in English. The fact that I get to type out that sentence makes me so happy. It may be trashy as fuck, but Parallel Paradise is one of the best ecchi out there, with a plot that pulls you in and keeps you reading. I’m so glad and shocked that it’s getting a true out and out English release.

9. The next hentai I’m reviewing is Another Lady Innocent, or Front Innocent. I got plenty to say about that show. So look forward to that this week!

10. And as always, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for reading my blog.

Here’s some anime booty.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Ten of My Anime Opinions: Bunch of Stuff Edition

    • I’m sure it has been happening for awhile now, that doesn’t mean I’m not concerned about it.

      Overly concerned though? No, but a raised eyebrow for sure.


      • Yeah, a raised eyebrow is fair. That I can agree with because it is a little unevering. Too bad we can’t do much other then dropping subscriptions and then doing something else. Oh no, they lost some money.

        Unfortunately, we won’t know about how they are going to effect the anime really. We just know Funimation is going to advertise the show heavier then the others kind of like what Crunchyroll did with Shield Hero.

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