Another Lady Innocent: Hold me tight, sweet Beauregard

This one has been on the list for a long, long time. The moment I knew I wanted to start reviewing hentai on the blog normally, it was this series and Bible Black that were for sure getting their own post. Let’s get into it, join me after the cut as I dive into the hentai series with two names Another Lady Innocent or Front Innocent!


Copulation on the Plantation.

Another Lady Innocent might just be the best hentai series ever drawn.

In a genre so famous for cutting corners, for having shoe-string budgets and series that just look just fucking horrible, you would have to wonder what would happen if a hentai actually got money and good artists. While have been a few gems that stand out, but Innocent is the crown jewel of them all, a shining beacon of just what a hentai cane be when time, effort and love is put into its art.

And holy shit, does Innocent looking stunning. Everything about this hentai, from the backgrounds, to the characters is top to bottom, no holds barred, A-tier design. Drawn by artist Satoshi Urushihara, and lifted from one of his concept books, Innocent has some of the most intricate and detailed girls in the entire genre, and perhaps even anime itself. I mean, just take a look at some of these images.

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Everything is done with effort, and there is much detail in the places where it matters, that I am floored by just much Innocent sets itself apart in terms of sheer artistic direction. Out of all the hentai I have watched (don’t ask how much please), I do not think I’ve seen a woman’s breasts or pussy drawn as a detailed as it has been with Innocent. I’ve left out some of the more…detailed images, but one look at this series will show you just how committed Satoshi was to showing you ‘the goods’. Even if you do not care for watching a porno, it is at least worth it to look through the art books of the series, because it is really just stunning.

The story is also quite interesting (for the genre). Set in what can be presumed to be a plantation in the American south, the young lady Faye has returned to her home after a long period away and reunites not only with her adopted brother and lover John, but her loyal maid Sophia with whom she shares a sexual relationship with. In her absence, Sophia and John have become lovers (possibly on the instruction of Faye), and when the three reunite, it is through the only way hentai knows. Yet what struck me about Innocent is the setting and interesting lore behind it. The setting of the American south during (i assume) pre civil war is something rarely seen in hentai or anime in general. What more, is the strange world that Fay lives in, as all the maids and servants of the household are constantly topless and wear outfits that leave nothing to imagination. Again, this is hentai so no one expects an explanation, but I found myself asking questions about how this work. Is the manor a whorehouse? Is it just how the family lives? Are they looked well upon by the rest of high society? Is this some alternate history? Once again, that is a credit to the artist and design, and I can’t stress enough how it just pulls you into this world.

Dinner 1
Sophia is the only maid who actually ‘covers up’. Why is that? What’s going on here? I gotta fucking know!

Now I said at the top that Another Lady Innocent is the best hentai ever drawn. Note that I said ‘drawn‘ not ‘animated.’ There is a clear difference, and sadly this is where the hentai comes up short.

While not at the level of something like Tayu Tayu or pretty much anything by Queen Bee. Innocent isn’t the most well animated hentai ever made. Again it is never truly bad, but there are multiple times during the sex scenes that the common problem of ‘cutting corners’ shows up. Most of the scenes feature only a handful of actual images, and are cut to back and forth to give off the idea of the characters fucking. There isn’t any real real fluidity for the sex, and the connective tissue that even the most basic of hentai have is missing here. The best example is the initial scene between Sophia and John, where as he is taking her from behind, the scene keeps cutting between two images of John holding her by her arms, and then not.

Sofia 4
First she’s being held up, then she’s not, then she’s being held up again. It gets fucking jarring.

Now is this a deal-breaker? Absolutely not, but goes to show that the makers of Innocent pretty much threw their entire budget at the art, and were left with the scraps to actually animate it. Again, it is never truly terrible (go watch Queen Bee’s work for that), but the amount of smash cutting between different images without any of that connectivity starts to get noticeable very fast, and remains a mark against the series. What is upsetting is that we have never gotten another episode of this series, despite the credit giving a clear “next time” teaser for what happens, and only adds more questions to the story.

Another Lady Innocent, or Front Innocent is a stunning achievement in art direction for hentai, and remains in my mind, the absolute king of the genre when it comes to that category. It’s story and setting are compelling, the characters are well done, and the sex is absolutely top tier. If you can get past some rather interesting animation and editing choices, then Innocent is going to be one of the best hentai you ever watch. Like I said before, it is almost criminal that we haven’t gotten another episode of this, and probably never will. They don’t ever make em like this, and they probably never will again, and that makes Another Lady Innocent something very special.

Oh and the voice actor for John? He also plays Kakashi Hatake from the Naruto series. Your welcome.

Lesbian 2
Innocent also has the best lesbian scene, probably in the entire genre.


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