Re-Dive: Shomin Sample: Culture Shock

This has been on my re-watch list for quite sometime, and I finally have been able to get around to it.

During my ‘great harem coma’ of 2018, where I watched pretty much every harem and ecchi anime I could get my hands on, there were many shows that stuck with me, and many that fell by the wayside. Today’s show, which I am reviewing for the second time has stuck with me ever since, and remains on of my all time favorite harem and comedy anime. Join me after the cut as I take a re-dive into the series: Shomin Sample

((Check out my initial review here!))

Shomin Sample – Review – Sakura Anime News
Silly Sallies

Like I said in my last review, I want to repeat it again; Shomin Sample is really funny. Like really FUCKING funny.

Starring Kimito Kagurazaka, a common high school student of no real worth. We follow him as he is suddenly abducted and forced it enroll in the prestigious all-girls Seikain Academy. The point? The become their ‘shomin sample,” an example of a commoner who can help instruct the girls on the realities of everyday life, which these young women, rich, prim, proper and sheltered, have no idea about. However, this won’t be the harem wet-dream that Kimito is hoping, as the powers that told everyone that he is a muscle loving gay boy, and any attempt to try and upset the girls honor will have, lasting consequences.

Anime Review: Shomin Sample | Anime Amino
Reiko, Aika, Karen and Hakua are all great female leads, and each of them get more than enough time to shine.

Like with Date A Live. Sample’s biggest draw is how absolutely committed it is to the premise. When it says that the girls of Seikain Academy have no idea how the commoner world works, this show absolutely means it. In just the first episode, we see all the girls shocked at the mere existence of a cellphone, completely unaware of what cup-noodles are, and mystified by the simple commoner words like ‘dude,” This is where Sample gets its humor from, and it works because the entire series goes absolutely whole-hog on the premise. These girls are sheltered and watching them react to the things commoners (and the viewer) take for granted causes one laugh after another. There are so many scenes that just had me bursting out laughing. Going to ‘shomin land’, the commoner theme park that is just a normal town block. Or having an entire feast based on a single cup of noodles. Or the maids trying to hook up one of the students with Kimito. Or playing with a trashy match-making app, or the entire student body being taken in by some internet sensation. It’s all so fucking stupid, but hot damn does it work, and I was so happy to see what Sample didn’t try to half-ass it’s premise. These are girls are sheltered snowflakes, and the show damn well shows it.

Shomin Sample Season 2 – Expected Release Dates
These girls are sheltered flowers, and the clash between them and the realities of life is what makes so much of the comedy work.

The central cast of the series is also remarkably strong. Kimito Kagurazaka, the male lead has a surprising amount of personality and charm behind him. While he is is very much the oblivious nice-guy harem main character, he is also a bit of troll and both he and the series benefit from his pulling pranks and tricking the series female lead, Aika Tenkubashi with some real clever ideas. His struggle to maintain his muscle fetish along with his over the top monologues when confronted by a women’s thighs (his real passion) are absolutely comical. Reiko Arisugawa, the prim and proper young lady is a riot as her relationship with both Aika and Kimito start to strip away her high class personality and replace it with a common everyday girl. Karen Jinyro the samurai obsessed tsundere I would have thought would grate on my after awhile, but she is a source of laugh and some really great fanservice. Then of course there is Hakua Shiodome, the scientific girl who just can’t keep her clothes on. Her character  is another one of those times where ‘Japan being Japan’ will test the limits of some viewers, and I can understand that. Regardless all of these girls bounce off each other amazingly well, though the weakest would have to probably be Aika, who doesn’t have much going for her aside from the desire to be popular. She does the job well enough, but it does feel that she got the short end of the stick compared to Karen’s wild antics, and Reiko’s sugar and spice attitude.

Watch Shomin Sample Season 1 Episode 8 Sub & Dub | Anime Simulcast ...
Kujo, the head maid is a great character as well. Her belittling of Kimito, and giant scissors always give me a chuckle.

When it comes to something like Shomin Sample. I’ve always had difficulty trying to get down my thoughts about comedic anime shows. This is because the humor comes from actually watching the show, not talking about. It is easy to discuss the plot of a dramatic show like School Days, or thoughtful series like Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. It is much harder however to talk about something like this, without just spoiling what makes it great. The enjoyment comes from watching the scenes and then discussing them, not me trying to explain the humor and how it works. So that is why I think you should absolutely make the time to watch Shomin Sample. It is a no-holds bar comedic masterpiece, with excellent fanservice, wonderful characters, and a premise that has the proper amount of time and effort put into it. This is a show that I think has been forgotten in recent years, which is a shame because it is absolutely one of the best comedies I’ve seen in the artform. Take a look for yourself and make up your mind, but just remember to always love muscles!

Oh and like I said, the fanservice is quite on point. Nothing massively ecchi, but far more than what would be expected, with the school uniforms and Karen being the real stand outs.

MY Top 15 Anime Baes ATM | Badlion
I wasn’t a thigh guy until this series, but I am now.

2 thoughts on “Re-Dive: Shomin Sample: Culture Shock

  1. I’d argue that Shomin isn’t committed enough to its premise! The “Kimito has to pretend to be into muscular guys” aspect is just reduced to a couple times where he pulls out his phone and opens up a wrestling video in front of the head maid. And then at the school aside from the sheltered rich girl jokes, which are funny, I felt like the show didn’t really do anything else with it.

    Overall was still fun, ecchi was great too, but I would have liked to see a more involved dynamic where Kimito had to actively try to keep up appearances while being thrown into difficult situations thanks to his harem all the time. That’s sort of the impression I had of the anime going in based on the synopsis, but it just didn’t deliver that experience.

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    • That is a reasonable aside to make, but I felt the atmosphere and commitment was just enough that it didn’t overload the plot. It was there and came up multiple times (more so for the girls than the muscles), and allowed the story to focus on the female leads. But I get what your saying.

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