Don’t @ Me: Eight of My Anime Opinions: Dewbond doesn’t have a MAL Edition

Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, where like amount of detail put into Claire Aoki’s underwear in Gleipnir, I’m here to give you minute observations about everything related to the anime world. This week I just realized I don’t have a MAL, and a bunch of other stuff that comes up. Let’s get into it after the cut!

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1. I honestly can’t believe I don’t have my own My Anime List (MAL) yet! I am going to fix that this week. I hope I’ll be able to share it soon! Seriously, I’ve been around this corner of the genre for decades and I never really did that. So weird.

2. That said though, I’m not big on giving anime scores out of 10. I prefer just giving my thoughts and letting you make your own mind, but I still think it’ll be fun. I only have a small handful of shows I give the perfect ’10’ to, so it’ll be good to have something to reflect back on.

3. Seriously, Claire Aoki’s bra and panties in Gleipnir’s are way to detailed. I guess since they aren’t showing the nudity the manga has, they gotta fall back on that. Not that I’m complaining, underwear detail is always something a lot of shows end up skimping on.

4. I’ve had a great response to my post on the first half of Sword Art Online’s second season! Seriously, thank you so much for reading it! I hope I can continue that streak going with the upcoming arcs.

5. I do hope all my readers and members of the WordPress anime family are doing alright with everything happening in the world, and making sure they are catching up on anime they’ve been wanting to watch! I know I have.

6. I’ve been following the manga of Domestic Girlfriend off and on for the last few month, and as it reaches its conclusion, things are just so fucking soap-opera, it’s great. What a clusterfuck of a series man. If it ends up pulling the trigger on what it set up in the last chapter, then hoo boy.

7. I don’t talk about One Piece on this blog, but Jinbe finally, FINALLY joined the crew, for like really reals this time. Took long enough, but it’s good to finally have that plot point put to bed.

8. If you are annoyed at anime discourse on twitter, forums, your comment section, anywhere.. Always remember this one fact, keep it close to your heart: It is nowhere near as bad as it is going to be when Redo of a Healer comes out.

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