How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Volume 6: Horn meets a Piss Fairy and Everyone is touching Diablo’s Manhood

Our look at the light novels of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord continues! We have now reached the final volume of the second major arc of the series. It was less ecchi and more plot last time around, with Diablo bringing the almighty beat-down to his enemies. So how will the next chapter in the story hold up? Join me after the cut as we dive into volume 6 of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord!

Wascily Wabbit

Unlike the last volume where the ecchi was relatively light, Volume 6 of Demon Lord is anything but, and is probably one of the sexiest entries in the series so far. Whether it is Laminutus giving Diablo a full on boob-job in an attempt to get him to stay in the city, Diablo using his fingers to help Rose ‘recharge,’ or Rem using her tail for similar purposes in the epilogue. Demon Lord absolutely steps it up with the ecchi in this volume. I’ve said this before, probably multiple times, but I am genuinely impressed at the level of commitment Murasaki has to the ecchi in the story. I have to wonder if that it is because as a light novel, Murasaki is only limited by his own imagination, not trying to balance around an anime adaptation. (And since this is being adapted for the second season, I’m real curious on how far they’ll go with it). Either way I am glad that Diablo and the characters, even when it is comedic, are actively acting on their attractions to each other.


Ecchi aside though, Volume 6 also dedicates a bit of time to new recurring character Horn, a grass-walker (bunny girl) thief who has been tagging along for the arc. When Diablo and co are captured by the church after going to confront the leaders, it is up to Horn to try and break them out. This in turn leads her to communicating with the spirit of the holy grail, or the place where she had to ‘relieve herself” after their dungeon adventure. While a tiny bit gross, I won’t lie that I laughed a bit at the mannerism of Babylon, the sassy gal-like spirit of the grail who aids Horn in her quest to free Diablo and her friends. Horn herself got some good development over the course of the arc, stepping up to the plate and learning some new skills along the way. I don’t know if she’ll stick around, the story seems set on having a rotating guest character, Horn was a fine addition to the story, and I was glad that she got the spotlight as much as she did.

Babylon is a fun character, bringing in real world lingo to her conversations with Horn, whom only she can see.

In terms of the arc conclusion though, I did feel that things got wrapped up rather quickly, and honestly I struggle even a few days after reading, to remember what exactly happened. Diablo breaks free, throws around some magic and the church member flee for their lives. It’s a fine conclusion, but I do think that the ‘peak’ of the arc was in the last volume, as Diablo curb-stomping the demonic harem was an excellent climax. Everything here seems very much like an epilogue, dealing with Lumachina’s story arc of wanting to reform the church. Again, it’s fine, but I do think a lot of the ‘meat’ of the story had already been told. What is compelling though, is the set up for the next arc, which will see Diablo, Shera and Rem head off to Shera’s home of Greenwood, and deal with the aftermath of her father’s death. Will the story return to its focus on the central three? I’m sure we’ll have to find out.

Rose’s recharging scene is so dumb and hilarious, that perfect mix of what makes Demon Lord so great. Cute panties too.

Sadly, this will be the last review of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord for a while, as Volume 6 is the last one I currently own. I have ordered the next handful of volumes, but it will be probably July when I’ll get a chance to read them. Thankfully I have two other series to get through, so you can expect more light novels reviews coming up.

Either way, Volume 6 of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord is a satisfying and sexy conclusion to a really fun arc. While it is was absolutely stronger in the middle and beginning, the end isn’t too weak to be anything truly bad. Six volumes into the story, I am finding Demon Lord to be a fun, fluffy popcorn Isekai fare that doesn’t skimp on the sexiness and (most of the time) has sharp, clever writing that always remembers its central premise. I’m glad I decided to dive into this series, and I look forward to continuing the adventure as soon as I can. If you loved the anime series and don’t want to wait for the second season, then I suggest you pick up the light novel, you’ll probably have a good time with them.

Both Rem and Shera get equipment upgrades as well, meaning that they show off even more skin. Gotta love Ecchi.

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