Kakushi Dere Episode 1: The Passion of the Tsundere

It’s time for another hentai review! If your new to the blog, hentai series are something we don’t shy away from. I’ve discussed Emergence/Metamorphosis, Bible Black, Front Innocent, Sense of Values of Wine and Resort Boin, and today, we are doing another! I’ve been meaning to look at this series for a while now, as it is one I’ve really wanted to talk about. Despite coming across it quite recently, there just has been something about it that has stuck around in my mind, aside from the obvious. Join me after the cut as I take a dive into the first episode of the hentai series Kakushi Dere.


I tried to find one that was censored, but none of them were big enough!

Now unlike the rest of my review on hentai. I am actually only talking about a single episode of this series. It’s not that the other two episodes are bad, it’s just that the first one is what I want to talk about, because it is probably this series at the best. What I will say about the two follows up is that they both do the job well enough, their sexy and a little adorable, but they also don’t have what I want to talk about today.

One of the hangups I have with hentai (and blogging about it) is that much of the sex that happens often feels very hollow. It’s not to say that the sex is bad, there have been plenty of shows that have delivered some real hot under the collar action, but they are few and far between. Now that’s probably my folly, I really don’t think anyone is coming into the hentai genre from the gripping plots, excellent character beats, or touching romantic moments. Now yes, there has been some series that manage to tell a somewhat decent story (Sense of Values of Wine being my favorite) that is not the objective of this genre. This is porn, full stop, it is meant to do one thing and one thing only, and (unless your animated by Queen Bee), most shows do that well. Yet almost all of them seem to lack something: Passion.

Sex 3
She may be a Tsundere, but when Nonoka gets into it. BOY does she get into it.

There is little real, if any passion in many of the sex scenes in hentai. Yes there is emotion, but it is often ruined by the reality that you are watching a porno. It may not feel fake, but it is often without any real feeling behind it. The first episode of Kakushi Dere however is the exact opposite, and delivers some of the most passionate, emotional (and uncensored!) sex that I’ve seen yet from the genre. The two leads of the episode, Nonoka and Ryutaro share a desire for each other that feels born from true natural lust. While they are very much stock archetypes, Nonoka is the tsundere trying not to fall for the guy, and Ryutaro is the older tough cool guy, but these two characters want to fuck, and most of all, they REALLY want to fuck each other, and it shows in every single moment they are doing the deed on screen, but most crucial from the kissing scenes.

Kissing 1
Kissing in hentai is something that is rarely given any weight.

Kissing in hentai seems to becoming a lost art, with many series just jumping straight to the intercourse and foreplay. It’s still there, but kissing, true passion tonguing and frenching is far more rare, and little time is spent focusing on it. Kakushi Dere however is the opposite and it is where the series finds that passion that I spoke about. Every time Nonoka and Ryutaro start kissing, start just going straight at it, you can absolutely feel the passion and desire for each other ooze (heh) off the screen. It transforms what is solidly decent (but nothing mind blowing) sex scenes into a passionate display of love and lust.

Gif Kiss
You can show them fucking for as long as you want, but the kissing is where the passion lays.

If there was a hentai hall of fame. The first episode of Kakushi Dere would probably not be in the upper tiers, but honestly I think it should be. It’s straight up sex, but it also is probably one of the most passionate hentai that I have ever watched. For a genre that is very much about getting viewers from ‘point A to B’, Kakushi Dere actually takes a bit of time to show a real sense of desire and emotions from its two main leads. Too often viewers are often to go back to normal anime or ecchi to get any real sense of attraction or desire from it’s characters, but Kakushi Dere shows that such things can exist in Hentai. There are other examples of this, some I might talk about in the future, but Kakushi Dere puts on display in its first episode felt like something special. If you are a man or woman of culture and haven’t yet come across this particular piece of porno, absolutely give it a look and see what you think of it. And hey..it’s fully uncensored!

Oh..and it also has an English dub..and it’s..not terrible. At least in terms of Nonoka’s voice actor, it actually felt like something that would come out of one of the main anime dubbing studios.

I don’t know what the says in terms of their quality…..

Sex 2
I mean honestly, her dub voice isn’t fucking ass-garbage. I have so many questions…



2 thoughts on “Kakushi Dere Episode 1: The Passion of the Tsundere

  1. I usually don’t comment on hentai…

    “I really don’t think anyone is coming into the hentai genre from the gripping plots, excellent character beats, or touching romantic moments.”

    And that is so sad! If someone made hentai that had those things I’d be a big fan. But is it a market reality that people who want those traits in an anime do NOT want greater explicitness?

    The only reason I would ever watch hentai would be if it were an otherwise good anime. Good art, good plot, characters I care about. At least this one you reviewed seems to have some passion. I’m not going to waste my time on something I have no reason to remember. I have nothing against explicit sex as part of an overall storyline. For that matter, I have nothing against sex without an overall storyline. (Hmm.. slice of life hentai?) But please give me a reason to at least care about what I’m watching.

    And put some *eroticism* into it besides just the explicit graphics. I know what sex looks like. Make me feel the desire and see the relationship or it is just flashing lights on a screen.

    I know what real sex is like and I know what really really really good sex is like. Maybe that’s the problem? My limited experience with the genre left me feeling like I was watching forgettable sex between forgettable people in a forgettable world. Same reason I don’t watch live-action porn.

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