Goblin Slayer Volume 4: 22 Short Stories about Goblins

Our look at the light volumes of Goblin Slayer continues! It’s been quite a while since we last dived into this series. I decided that instead of ping ponging between three different stories like I had been, I would instead focus on one at a time. Having just finished our look at How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, I decided it that this would be next! Let’s not waste anytime, and after the cut dive into the fourth volume of Goblin Slayer.

Vol 4 Cover
OK, not 22 stories, but I wanted the Simpsons reference.


Volume 4 of Goblin Slayer follows in the tradition of many series, in that it more of an anthology of short stories instead of the next chapter in the saga. I said last time that Goblin Slayer is probably going to be an episodic series, and I think that is what the author was going for. This was never suppose to be about the hero slaying the dragon and saving the world. It was about normal people living their lives in that same world, and that is what Volume 4 is mostly about.

Vol 4 Img 2
Goblin Slayer

While the titular Goblin Slayer is present himself, most of the short stories focus on side characters. Whether it is the young rookie warrior slaying rats in the sewers, to Guild Girl enjoying her day off, Padfoot waitress trying to make something Goblin Slayer would eat, the girls trying on bikini armor, or just playing their version of dungeons and dragons, the stories are diverse and varied enough that each one feels fresh. Some may deride these type of storytelling as filler, and if it was an animated series, I might agree with you, but there has always been a sense of fun enjoyment from reading stories like these, and again, they play into the theme of what Goblin Slayer is all about.

Vol 4 Img 1
Not plot heavy, but absolutely PLOT heavy. Cow Girl brings it as always.

But it isn’t all just slice of life hijinks. We get to see Goblin Slayer get roped up in a quest with Spearman and Heavy Warrior that involves them climbing a tower. This proved to be a fun little side-story, and it was great to see Slayer butt heads with Spearman, who always seems like he’s got something to proof, and Heavy Warrior who feels pretty much above it all. We also get a small story about how Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest decided to recruit Goblin Slayer, which helps fill in the corners of their characters. Additionally, we get to see Elf Archer and Guild Girl have some fun (and fanservice) filled adventures as well.

Vol 4 Img 3
It’s fun this volume to see all the side characters interact with each other. Guild Girl and Elf Archer click really well.

Goblin Slayer Volume 4 is a series of short stories, but it was a brisk read that kept itself interesting by never staying in one place or one story too long. It probably won’t be something I come back to, but it was also something that I didn’t regret my time with. Goblin Slayer is turning out to be a real interesting type of fantasy series, and I’m looking forward to the next volume when the story once again kicks up into high gear. If you love the world of this series, then you’ll enjoy this volume for sure. If not, well then you can just skip ahead to the next part, though you do miss the solid fanservice.

Vol 4 Img 5
Sword Maiden being all passive aggressive towards the King is a real treat too.

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