The Summer of Love II with Date A Live

Hey guys.

Last summer, I undertook a massive blogging project. Over the course of three months I decided that I would do a full re-watch and collection of my thoughts regarding the ecchi harem series High School DxD. I covered pretty much everything I could when it came to the series: the story arcs, the music, the characters, the English dub, all because I wanted to ask myself the simple question. Was High School DxD the ‘great work’ of the Ecchi/Harem genre?

Well that was last year, and this year I’ve once again decided to look into a series, ask a question and examine everything I can about it. With that I’m proud to reveal The Summer of Love II, which will be about a series that needs no introduction.

Date A Live

Date A Live Poster

Why Date A Live?

While I’ve discussed this series at length before, I’ve always maintained the belief that Date A Live is the ultimate B+ harem series. Not the masterpiece that DxD was, but far and above some of the worst the genre has to offer. It’s strengths are evident, and is flaws are noticeable, though never crippling, and it’s commitment to the central premise is ironclad. However when you put them together, Date A Live is a cute, fun, humorous and loving series that shows how great the harem and ecchi genres can be when they just put in a bit of effort, love and passion.

So starting through June and running until the end of August. Shallow Dives in Anime will be going through all three seasons, as well as the movie. I’ll discuss each six episode arc, the central characters, the music, the English dub, and the fact that Date A Live has been traded around more studios than a used tissue. I’ve been looking forward to this all year, and I can’t wait to once again step back into this world and see if I can answer the question.

“What makes Date A Live one of the best B-tier harems?”

I hope you will all join me in this little adventure, and what is probably an extremely overblown look into a show where a guy has to date girls in order to save the world.


Also, for those who were curious, my choice down to either this, or Fate/kalied liner PRISMA ILLYA. I went with Date A Live because I’m not ready to talk about the whole Kuro issue. But there is always next year.

3 thoughts on “The Summer of Love II with Date A Live

  1. Cool!

    Always glad to have a chance to talk more about Tooka!

    One of the scenes at the end of the third episode, “For the Sky and the Sword,” made her officially my favorite Spirit. Remember when Shidou told her she had to kiss him? He thought she didn’t want to, but that wasn’t it at all. “I just don’t know what a kiss is,” she said. “Okay, it’s where we put our lips together and then we…”

    She didn’t give him a chance to finish the sentence. Her fiercely determined expression was amazing.

    Not taking anything away from the other characters. And Kurumi is fantastic. But Tooka’s Tooka. Kinda gives her an advantage.

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      • MAL lists it as “Tooka “Princess, Demon King” Yatogami.” It’s MAL week for me. I switch between different spelling sources.

        In Anime Planet, it’s “Tohka Yatogami.”

        In Anilist, it’s “Tohka Yatogami.” So. 2/3 of prominent sources agree with you!

        That’s one the challenges of blogging about these shows. Even a simple name like Katarina is spelled Katarina in the subs on Crunchyroll.

        That’s why whenever I start reviewing a show, I pick one spelling and go with it.

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