Housekeeping: Summer 2020 plans and beyond.

Hey guys.

It’s that time again where I take a moment to do some housekeeping on the blog. Talk about where we’ve been, what are we doing, and what we plan to do in the future. I always enjoy touching base with the readership, as well as giving myself a post to look back on when thinking about my future plans. Plenty has happened since our last housekeeping post, so let’s not waste anymore time and get into it.

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Nothing but REACH!

Taking a week off.

Next week I won’t be posting anything on the blog. I haven’t hit burnout or anything, but since my look at Sword Art Online is ending this week, and The Summer of Love II starts up in June. I want to take a moment to collect myself before jumping right into the next thing. I’ve been hitting the blog hard these last few months, and while I’ve loved it, I do think it is important to come up for oxygen. So next week I’ll take a break and get ready for what is to come.

Sword Art Online

This week will mark the end of my current look at Sword Art Online with the first half of Alicization. While I am aware that half of War of the Underworld, the second part of the series has already aired. I’ve decided that I am going to wait until the full 25 or so episodes have come out before I watch it. The reason is that I want my viewing of SAO to be the same the whole way through, a few episodes a day, and chronicling my thoughts. This ‘fanboy free’ breakdown is very important to me, and I want to be consistent from start to finish. Also, I don’t want to watch the second half of Underworld while it is airing, so I don’t get caught up in the hype bubble that will be around each episode. I’m patient, I can wait.

Regardless, I’ve been blown away by the response to my posts about the series. I’ve done my best to be unbiased, fanboy free, and fair to the series I call “the most divisive anime of all time.” There has been a lot to like in Sword Art Online and I’m glad that I’ve had the time to really watch the series. I hope you’ll continue along the ride until the end.

The Summer of Love II

In case you missed it, The Summer of Love II has been revealed, and it will be a 3 month look into the series Date A Live. I’m eager to get this started, and you can expect a FAQ post on what is happening to come later this week.


Since last we did housekeeping, I’ve reviewed three hentai series: Resort Boin, Another Lady Innocent, and Kakushi Dere. As always, I’m enjoying these looks into the ‘cultured’ part of anime, and people seem to enjoy them. My post on Emergence has been getting a lot of views lately, and I’ve always been very proud of that post. I haven’t nailed down what is coming next, but you can probably expect something like Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo, My Household`s Liliana-san and Nee Chanto Shiyou Yo! coming in the future.

Light Novels and Visual Novels

Since last time, I have finished my look at the light novels (that I currently own) of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, which turned out to be a fun thing to write and read about. I’ve recently returned to the Goblin Slayer series, and I intend on finishing that before jumping over to If it’s for my Daughter I’d defeat even a Demon Lord. In terms of visual novels. I’m currently reading the O.G version of Steins;Gate, and finding it much more easier to digest than I did with the Elite version. I also want to try and get back on the Nekopara series with vol.2

As always, these will come out when they come, as I tend to take my time with these longer stories. But I do hope to get at a least a few done before 2020 is out.

Future Content

Despite taking next week off, I will still be watching anime. I’ve made a decent dent into my backlog, with looks at Shomin Sample, and the Rascal does not Dream of a Dreaming Girl movie. Next week I’ll be trying to watch Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and The Qwaser of Stigmata, both of which I’ve been meaning to get to for a while.

You can expect the 8 episode check-in for the series I’m watching this summer, as well as a “Half-time Best of 2020” list. Aside from that, the backlog is always present, and I do hope in between The Summer of Love II, I’ll be able to tackle a few of these series. For those just joining us, this is what I have on the docket.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc

Zombieland Saga

Yamada and the Seven Witches

I really, really want to get at least a couple of these watched before September, so I’ll be trying to make that a priority. Yet this list can change as other things come up, and the seasonal series (including a very packed summer) comes long. So here’s hoping.

Aside from that, I’ve been mulling over a re-watch of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed in the fall, as it is a series I deeply love and haven’t watched in many years. I hope to make that happen, but we’ll see. Then of course, there is the second anniversary post, which I have planned, and is a something I’ve been meaning to get to for a very, very long time.

Final Thoughts

As always my heartfelt thanks to CrowIrinaLynnScottYomu and Pete for always liking or sharing my posts and welcoming my comments. A big thanks goes to new contacts such as Jon Spenceriniksbane and infinitezenith for always being there for chat or comment. A very heartfelt thanks to Leth and everyone from the Sword Art Online fanbase who have shared, liked and re-tweeted my posts. I hope you’ve all been enjoying the blog as much as I enjoy working on it. Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @ShallowDivesAni if you aren’t already.

And as always, thank you all for reading my blog.

Here’s some anime booty.

Kotori Booty

11 thoughts on “Housekeeping: Summer 2020 plans and beyond.

  1. Nice gif. I just got the original Steins;Gate VN as well, so I hope to get to that sometime.

    I really liked the Nekopara series, but then I’m a weirdo who’s into the whole “catgirl maid harem” idea.


    • Catgirl maid harem is as normal as anime gets. Come on now.

      Also yeah, I don’t know if you’ve watched the Steins Gate Anime, but it was really hard to “go back” to the VN, especially since Elite is just the anime sliced up. The OG version has been much easier to digest.


      • Yeah, honestly, that’s true.

        I haven’t watched the anime. I know there are versions like Elite and 0 (a prequel or alternate timeline or something?) so I just wanted to get the basic, original version.


      • I would honestly suggest you watch the anime first, then go back to the Visual Novel. The anime plays things a bit tighter, and the dialogue, especially the excellent English dub makes things land really well.

        But that is also a double edged sword. A really good anime adaptation can kill the VN (Fate Blade Works did this) so it is a bit of a gamble. Your call really.


      • Thanks for the advice. I’m more used to adaptations screwing up VNs, but I have heard good things about the Steins;Gate anime.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I watched it first, and I loved it, absolutely loved it. The VN has been a challenge to step back, unlike say with the YU-NO VN which is a straight up upgrade to the anime adaptation (was still good though)

        Liked by 1 person

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