The Summer of Love II: A Date A Live Primer

Hey guys.

The Summer of Love II, our three month look at the series Date A Live will begin at the start of June. However before we get started I wanted to throw up a post, like I did with High School DxD to answer some questions and lay out how everything is going to go. Please note somethings are subject to change depending on life goes, but I’m pretty sure I can manage it. Let’s get into it after the cut!

Date A Live Characters

Why Date A Live?

Because I love this show.

Long answer? Date A Live was one of the first anime I watched during the ‘great harem binge” before I started this blog, and it has been a series that has stayed in my thoughts when many others fell to the wayside. I’ve always admired its world and characters, and the ironclad commitment to its central premise. It is also a show that I think best encapsulates what it is to be a B+ anime. Good, but not great. Flawed, but not crippling. I want to celebrate that and give thanks to what I do think is just a damn fun harem romp.

Are you watching the Japanese or the English Version?

Like with High School DxD, I will be watching the series in the original Japanese. I think it is important to watch the show it is truest form to be as fair and balanced as possible. That said, I have nothing but love for the English Dub.

Is the English Dub Worth Watching?

Absolutely. Funimation does excellent work here, and the series scripts aren’t as loose as it was with High School DxD. Josh Grelle as Shido, Michelle Rojas as Tohka and Alexis Tipton as Kurumi are all wonderful. It’s just a damn good dub. You can expect a post on this during the entire 3 month event.

How many episodes are you watching at time?

With three seasons, Date A Live fits perfectly into the three month time-frame of The Summer of Love. I plan on reviewing each season in two parts, 6 episodes at a time. Since most of the seasons are divided into two arcs (though sometimes smaller) this just make things very manageable.

Will you be watching the movie: Mayuri Judgement?

Yes I will! While it is not “canon’ to the Light Novels, it’s still a great flick and one of the few things of Date A Live that hasn’t been dubbed. I think it warrants a look, and it should be fun!

So what is the schedule if you have one?

This is not ironclad, something will probably screw this up, but the layout of The Summer of Love II is below. I’ll also be trying to get another version of “What fellow bloggers think of Date A Live,” post as well!


First Week: Date A Live episodes 1-6

Second Week: Discussion of the English Dub

Third Week: Date A Live episodes 7-12

Fourth Week:  Post on the opening and ending themes of Date A Live.


Week 1: Date A Live II episodes 1-6

Week 2: Shido Character Dive

Week 3: Date A Live II episodes 7-12

Week 4:  Mayuri Judgement


Week 1: Date A Live III episodes 1-6

Week 2: Kurumi Character Dive

Week 3: Date A Live III episodes 7-12

Week 4: Tohka Character Re-Dive


Final reflection on the series.

Why not just binge the series a season at a time? Or review episode by episode.

There a couple reasons for this. One is that I want to avoid burn out by watching the entire series. There are only so much dating man can handle. Secondly I have always disliked episode to episode reviews of shows because they don’t allow either myself or viewers to get a whole view of a story arc. Furthermore reviewing the whole season at once prevents me from covering everything that happens. So one story arc at a time seems about right.

Whose best girl?

Tohka, Kurumi, Yoshino, Natsumi, Origami, Yamai Sisters, Kotori, Miyu.

Can we watch that cellphone clip?

Of fucking course you can!

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