Don’t @ Me: Eight of Anime Opinions: Back from Break Edition

Another week has come! Welcome back to Don’t @ Me. The place where, like density of Catarina’s brain. I ignore the obvious signals to give you my thoughts and views on everything involving anime and the fandom. I took last week off from blogging, and it was great. But now I’m back, refreshed and ready to get into it. Join me after the cut as I dish out another eight opinions on pretty much anything.

Fistful of Yen | Know Your Meme

1. If you are ever going to order anything from RightStuf. Make sure you don’t have something pre-ordered in there it. It will hold up the entire order. Fucking took me a month for a shit ton of my manga to ship, god.

2. I have stated before that I don’t really do romance manga, and Domestic Girlfriend (Domestic no Kanajo) is why. The series has two chapters left and holy FUCK has it gone off the rails. Like it has just had to squeeze every fucking last millimetre of drama it could, even though it really feels like the central plot was sorted. This shit is getting a Don’t @ Me when it’s done.

3. Parallel Paradise meanwhile, has gotten VERY interesting with its last chapter. It does feel like the climax (heh) is slowly starting to come together, and I’m really, REALLY interested to see how the Deeply Jealous God pans out.

4. I have made it a policy (the most important one) to stay away from any controversial topics on this blog (but not controversial anime). This is mostly to maintain my sanity, and make this place welcome to everyone. However I do think I have a post about ‘gatekeeping’ in me somewhere, and I think I might try to throw that out in the future.

5. I made it a goal last week to watch Seikon no Qwaser, and I got about 10 episodes in before I dropped it. The series is fine (and has top tier fanservice), but I think I’ve discovered that High School DxD has made it difficult for me to enjoy a lot of harem and ecchi.

6. What I mean is this. “Come from the PLOT, stay for the plot” is what makes High School DxD work. It has wonderful fanservice, but it keeps you invested by its story, world and characters, something that a lot of ecchi and harems struggle to do. I’m starting to discover that while many ecchi get full marks for delivering “the goods” (which is what they are suppose to do) they often come up short in terms of keeping you around for the story and characters. High School DxD puts in that effort, which is why it is so beloved.

7. I’ll talk about this a bit later in the week for my eight episode check-in. But as much as I love Fruits Basket, it is absolutely suffering from ‘the Bleach problem.’ The main cast is just not as compelling and fun to watch compared to the secondary cast, who feel more unique, compelling and endearing than watching Yuki’s 15th existential crisis.

8. I mean, this guy showed up for ONE episode, and I was more invested in their relationship than anything that has happened to the main characters in two seasons so far.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 5: What Is Akito's Relationship ...
I’d go gay for Kureno, in a fucking HEARTBEAT.


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