Don’t @ Me: Fourteen of My Anime Opinions: The ending of Domestic Girlfriend Edition

Welcome to Don’t @ Me, where today like the insanity of this manga’s conclusion, I’m here to make you question things with my views and opinions on all things anime and manga. No more words, let’s get into this, it’s the ending of Domestic Girlfriend.

(Spoilers for the ending of both Domestic Girlfriend and The Quintessential Quintuplets.)

Rui Pout [Domestic Girlfriend] : pouts
This pout says it all.

1. I accept the ending of Domestic Girlfriend. It is what it is, despite what I’m about to say. I am a creator, a writer myself, and I understand the difficulties in the process. If this is how Kei Sasuga wanted to end her work, then props to her. I stand by her choices, and I only hope she was given the time and space to end it on her own terms. That being said, I find this ending to be absolute fucking garbage.

2. To sum it up. After Natsuo and Rui get pregnant and decide to marry, having spent the VAST amount of the story working through their relationship and reaching a great place, suddenly has that derailed when Hina, after putting out a potential controversy ends up getting hit by a truck (yes fucking Truck-kun) and going into a coma. Upon finding out how much Hina supported Natsuo, Rui, despite being pregnant with their child, despite being in love with Natsuo and vice versa, decides she cannot marry him, and urges Natuso to marry Hina instead, which he does after she wakes up 5 years later. Natsuo and Hina marry, and live together with Rui and their child.

3. Now I’m not a shipper, and while I preferred Natsuo and Rui, it didn’t matter to me, it only mattered that the story was brought to a logical and sound conclusion, and that there was a proper sense of closure. This ending is everything but, and seems to be a slap into the face to so many of the characters.

4. There was a clear, CLEAR pathway to having a satisfying and fulfilling conclusion that I think, would have pleased both sides. Natsuo and Rui get married, solidifying their relationship with their new baby, while the final chapters are about Hina grieving accepting the outcome and finding closure. The final chapters COULD have been about Hina getting that closure, coming to terms with everything and perhaps realizing she needs to get over things and move on.

5. OR..if you wanted Hina to be in the coma. It could have been that Rui and Natsuo refuse to get married until Hina wakes up and gives them their blessing. That ending still would have made sense, and would again, have given Hina the proper closure she needed, satisfying all sides.

6. And you know what? If you REALLY wanted to do things the way they ended up, you could make it work, but you would have to actually take the time to explain it. Explain how maybe Rui realizes she doesn’t love Natsuo that way, and they were only going to get married for the baby, OR have Rui realize that she doesn’t need to get married, that she has a satisfying career, a child she loves, and friends and family who respect her. THAT would have made things more reasonable.

7. But no, instead we get Rui, plagued by guilt that her immature older sister couldn’t get over a years old relationship, throw away her REAL GENUINE AND RECIPROCATED romantic feelings for Natsuo. Robbing herself of any real happiness and seemingly dooming herself to a single life forever, because the story has NO inclination that she ever gets together with someone else.

8. And that leaves Hina winning not out of effort, not out of sacrifice, or romance, but out of pity. Natsuo marries her out of pity, out of guilt that she, HINA, could not get over the relationship. Yes the stories says that Natsuo ‘loves’ her, but any person with a brain cell can see it for what it is. Pity, absolute fucking pity.

9. The major problem with the ending of Domestic Girlfriend is that it has no closure. Unlike Quintessential Quintuplets, where after Fuutaro ended up picking Yotsuba, the manga was smart enough to give several of the other girls the time they needed to accept it. Miku and Ichika, the two girls who seemed most likely to get picked, have multiple chapters dedicated to them accepting that they lost, and giving Yotsuba the support she needs to accept that she won. For as strange as the ending to Quintuplets was, THAT at least treated with respect and dignity.

10. But this reeks of a rush job, of an author who long ago decided the outcome, but wrote themselves into a corner and was either unable, or unwilling to put in the time to right the ship. Instead it ruins the main central relationship of Rui and Natsuo, and makes Hina look like a pathetic spoiled baby, who wins for no other reason other than pity. Again. IT COULD HAVE WORKED if the proper time had been put in, but instead it is just…this.

11. And I won’t even begin to talk about how much this damages Rui as a character. THIS is the sort of stuff that I would think “the discourse’ would go to town on. THIS is the sort of stuff that deserves a degree of (reasonable and fair) outrage, but no, instead they’ll bitch and moan about that single episode of The Rising of the Shield Hero, or a anime girl showing too much ass-cheek. (There is no such thing as too much ass-cheek in anime.)

12. So yeah, I didn’t care for the ending of Domestic Girlfriend. But it is there, I accept it, and I can’t change it. I only feel bad for the readers who were vastly more invested in this story than I was. I pour one out for you guys, and I hope you take the time to work through the feelings.

13. BUT. If those feelings involve harassing the author in any way, then please, don’t fucking do that. If not for the fact that it is wrong on every single level. Don’t fucking give ‘the discourse’ the ammo they need to crucify the anime fandom. Please don’t do that.

14. Here’s some anime tiddy.

YuLe] Boob Grab [Animation] by MaiKunoichiUchiha on DeviantArt



2 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Fourteen of My Anime Opinions: The ending of Domestic Girlfriend Edition

  1. Reading this chapter made me audibly sigh. Multiple times. I just couldn’t. Sasuga basically threw away all that she built up (regarding Rui and Natsuo) over the last one hundred chapters for this conclusion, and for no strong reason too. Sigh.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Exactly. There is no reason for it, no real explanation given, or considering to what has happened in the story.

      Now maybe she was rushed into her ending, that shit happens in manga, or maybe she was married (heh) to the ending she had in mind, but the story clearly wasn’t going that way, or didn’t have time to get it going that way.

      Liked by 2 people

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