My Household’s Liliana-san: Chocolate with Nuts

It’s time for another hentai review! This is fast becoming a recurring thing here at Shallow Dives in Anime, and frankly I every intention to climb higher or higher, or in this case, dive even deeper into the pit of degeneracy. This time however we are going to go a bit more wholesome, but also enjoy something a bit…darker. Join me after the cut as I dive into the hentai series: Wagaya no Liliana-san, or My Household’s Liliana-san!

((This is a hentai review, so NSFW images coming right up!))


She has really pretty eyes.

Hentai, like all things pornographic is meant to scratch a particular itch. With such a variety of themes, kinks and ideas, Hentai has always been able to find something for someone. At its heart, Hentai is about the power fantasy, giving the viewer a taste of an idealized, unrealistic or just plain impossible scenario. Yet like with western porn and the stereotypical settings like ‘the pizza/delivery guy’, or ‘the slutty step-sibling/parent’, Hentai has its fare share of basic hentai ‘plots, and ‘wholesome housewife’ is one of them.

Liliana-San 1
Cosplay-sex isn’t something that common anymore, but Liliana-san doesn’t hold back.


That is essentially when Liliana-san is. It’s a fantasy where your stereotypical shut-in gamer nerd comes across an absolute BOMBSHELL of a woman, and a vast amount of sexual escapades are had. It’s something that hentai is very familiar with, and it shouldn’t be surprising, play to your strengths and all that. Yet while Liliana-san is absolutely that stereotypical hentai fuck-fest, it also manages to be something else: really sweet.

Liliana-san 3
Liliana herself is a pure fantasy, as is intended, and she ticks all the right boxes.

The relationship between Tatsuya and Liliana, where there is one, has a surprising amount of chemistry and cute moments before things go to fuck-town. In fact in the single episode’s 25 minute duration, it takes about 8 minutes for any of the sex to start, with that first chunk devoted our leads getting to know each other, going on a date, and having Tatsuya nurse Liliana, the apparently abandoned and destitute girl, back to health. Now while it is nothing special at all, (this is a hentai we are talking about here), I couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy at watching their cute relationship, especially since the contrast between the two characters is quite vast. In a way, it reminded me of something similar to Issei and Rias from High School DxD, where a loser guy is given the time of day by a girl, and in turn is able to prove that he is more than what ‘the cover’ says. I think many anime fans, even those who have left their basement days long behind them, can attest to that kind of feeling.

Liliana-san 4
Their characters in a hentai, but Tatsuya and Liliana fit really well together, and I’m not just talking physically.

Of course, when the sex starts, it starts, and Liliana-san becomes a non-stop one way ticket to fuck town, with some very intense and interesting animation. Pink Pineapple, the company behind the episode, has always been able to deliver top-tier animation (by hentai standards), and Liliana-san is no exception. Everything clicks and flows exceptionally well, and Liliana’s gorgeous body is used to full effective, incorporating a bit of what I have called “jello physics” into the intercourse. A variety of different costumes, ranging from bunny girl, to maid help bring this to the forefront, and helps make everything…pop. And while not at the same intensity of series like Seikatsu Shuukan, Koikishi Purely Kiss, Shikkoku no Shaga, or Baku Ane: Otouto Shibocchau zo. It is still present and still a spectacle to behold. 

Liliana-san 4
Jello physics is fast becoming a staple at Pink Pineapple, but Liliana-san doesn’t go nearly as far as others have.

My Household’s Liliana-san! like all hentai is meant to do one thing, and like most upper tier shows, it does it quite well. It’s well animated, well drawn, and the lone girl on the menu will absolutely have you coming back for more. Yet it also a hentai that made me go “aww” as much as it made me go “oh damn.” It’s wholesome, peaceful and cute, and in hentai, where the meal of the day is often a rape scene accompanied by an ugly bastard, it’s nice to see that cute romantic shows like this can also still get the time of day. If you liked dark-skinned anime girls, absolutely give this show a look, and if you like a bit of happy feelings in your hentai, then you’ll find that fancy tickled quite well.

Liliana-san 2
The final shot always a heart string puller.


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