Sword Art Online: Unbiased and Fanboy-free.

Hey guys.

About a month ago, I finally decided to take a look at the long running, popular series Sword Art Online. One of the most beloved, but divisive series of all time. I went into the show completely unbiased, non-judgmental and fanboy free. To try and judge the series for what it is, not what fans and haters have made it to be.

I’m exceptionally proud of the work I did, and I was deeply touched by the reaction from viewers and members of the SAO fan community. Now that I’ve gotten some distance though, I want to put up a post where you can find links to each of the blog posts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I loved writing them, and please feel free to share! Check out the links after the cut.

Aincrad Arc | Sword Art Online Wiki | Fandom

Arc by Arc Posts


Fairy Dance

Extra Edition

Phantom Bullet

Calibur and Mother’s Rosario

Ordinal Scale

Alicization Beginning

Alicization Rising and Uniting

Alicization Invading and Exploding

Alicization Awakening and Lasting

Seasonal Thoughts

Sword Art Online Season 1 

Sword Art Online Season 2

Sword Art Online Season 3

Sword Art Online Season 4

Final Thoughts on the Series

One thought on “Sword Art Online: Unbiased and Fanboy-free.

  1. […] Sword Art Online: Unbiased and Fanboy-Free (Shallow Dives in Anime) – A while back, Dewbond decided to explore Sword Art Online for himself, completely ignoring both hyper-positive fans and hyper-negative haters. This post provides links to all his findings — they’re a great read, whether you know the series well or if you’re a newcomer. […]


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