Don’t @ Me: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Big Bucket of Chicken Edition: The Aftermath.

It’s Monday, there’s a water leak at my work, and it’s time for another round of this! Welcome to Don’t @ Me, where unlike my work schedule, I actually am able to consistently show up and give you eight to ten of my opinions on anime, manga and everything else. Now for the record, I did eat a bucket of chicken last week, and it was good, though I’m not rushing out to get another one. Makes me miss my time in Korea. Anyway, here’s some more anime opinions after the cut.

ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Episode 5: Drive Tori | Rory Muses
I’d take a leg off of that.


1. My Next Life as Villainness: All Routes Lead to Doom! has been green-lit a second season! While that’s great news (I enjoyed the series quite a bit, my thoughts will be out on Thursday!), it is also a bit strange. Mostly because Villainess was actually suppose to be finished after its two volumes, but the publishers forced the author to continue. I wonder if this is going to be a rare case where getting a second season isn’t actually a good thing. Only time will tell.

2. One of the reasons I chose Date A Live, over Fate/kalied liner Prisma Illya for this years The Summer of Love, was because I really didn’t want to address the ‘Kuro thing’. At least not this year. I reckon I will do it eventually, but eh, I just couldn’t bring myself to rip off that band-aid.

3. In a couple weeks I’m going to be going back to the Overlord series, this time through the light novels. This will mark the FOURTH time I’ve tried to get into this series, and maybe, maybe the light novels will do the job. I just couldn’t be bothered every-time the series pulled away from Ainz. Who knows though, with adjusted expectations things might be different

4. I’ve heard from many Fate fans, that they aren’t big fans of the Heaven’s Feel movies, mostly because the films have cut out most of Illya’s story. In a way I get that, I do, but I have to disagree. I think it was the right call. Heaven’s Feel is Sakura’s story, Sakura’s journey and sharing the spotlight with Illya (who was supposed to have her own route in the VN, but it was merged with Sakura’s), would rob the movie and Sakura of her spotlight.

5. Would that have been a problem if Heaven’s Feel had been a 25 episode series like Blade Works was? Probably not, but they choose to do a movie, and you have to pick and choose what you adapt. Again I understand why some fans are frustrated, but I think what we have is the best possible version we could ask for.

6. I tried guys, and I did get farther than my first attempt, but I just can’t get into the Steins;Gate visual novel. The anime ruined it for me. That story, without the voice acting (I watched it dubbed) and the animation (even in Elite) feels so lifeless and barren. That happens I suppose, and it’s a shame, but I’ll just stick to the superb anime.

7. My research into the world of Hentai English dubs has showed me there are actually quite a few, and almost all of them are laughably bad, but holy fuck do I respect the people for actually doing that. Godspeed.

8. For your tanned skin consideration.


4 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Big Bucket of Chicken Edition: The Aftermath.

  1. I haven’t read the entire visual novel of Fate but I think the Heaven’s Feel movies are really good! The visuals and music are stunning, and I love the creepy horror vibes. It adds a lot of new dynamics to the characters and I can’t wait to see Saber Alter kick ass in the next film, whenever that comes out.

    The only criticism I would have toward HF is how little agency Sakura has had in her story so far, compared to Saber and Rin in their routes. She’s a sweet girl trapped in a horrible situation, but the way the story is framed it’s expected that Shirou will ride in on a white horse and save her at the end. This kind of “traumatized girl who needs a man to solve all her problems for her” trope has never sat well with me, because in real life only you can truly process that sort of trauma and move on to a healthier life. I want Shirou to help Sakura, but I want her to SAVE herself, you know?

    But that is just my perspective and I don’t know how the story ends, so hopefully they will find a way to wrap everything up in a satisfying manner with the next movie. I’m still excited as hell to see it!

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    • I don’t think that’s what the story is suppose to be about though Mari. Yes, it be great for Sakura to save herself, no question, but everything about HF, and Fate in general, is that Sakura is an innocent bystander, thrown into a horrible situation for the sole reason of being passed over by her dad. She needs someone to save her, she needs a hero, and that links up with Shirou’s arc this time around, because he realizes that Sakura’s welfare, Sakura’s peace and Sakura’s happiness is far, FAR more important than his pie in the sky dream of being a hero of justice. He can save Sakura, right there, right now, he can affect someone’s life in the moment, instead of striving to be something that (as Fate shows) is pretty much impossible. That’ (in my view) what the story is, and while I do understand your hang-ups, we all got those archetypal stories that we are sick of, I think there is value in seeing it for what it IS. Interesting perspective though.


  2. I probably don’t comment enough to tell you I enjoy these little Don’t @ Me posts. You do a remarkable job at being concise and clear in a minimal amount of words. I don’t always have all day to read anime blogs – I mean, I want to watch some anime, too – and these are nice little doses of opinion and info.

    Oh, and I also nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award.

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