Don’t @ Me: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Last Round in England Edition

The last two weeks have been so busy because of end of season blog posts, what’s coming next, the best (so far) of Anime 2020, and some conversations with fellow bloggers. We took two weeks off, but now that’s all done and dusted and we are back! Welcome to Don’t @ Me, the time where, like the inevitable hype of The God of High School, I’m here reverse suplex my thoughts on everything involving the anime world. Today we got more random shit that I’ve had stewing in my head for the last two weeks. As the final Don’t @ Me when I’m over in England, let’s get on with it GUVNA!

The God of High School - Episode 1 - ANIME FEMINIST
Why does everyone in this world have a runny nose?

1. Couple weeks ago, I saw someone getting upset over the relationships in Cardcaptor Sakura. On one hand I get it, the entire premise of the show that it is the perfect world, where children are safe and adults are trusted. That’s why when Sakura messes up her father’s work it is honestly more devastating and horrific than anything involving the Clow Cards. Seeing that premise stretch into the relationships of some of the minor characters can tests people’s suspension of disbelief, especially when you think about real life.

2. War of the Underworld Part 2 was barely out five fucking minutes before everyone was taking sides. Look, I saw the scene, it is what it is. Do I wish it was there? Not really. Is it the end of the world? Hell no. Still, people are already sniping each other. Shame, because the episode was amazingly animated and the opening them is baller.

3. I’m not talking about ReZero’s second season until the first half is done. All I will say, is that the first episode was great.

4. I’m serious about that. This is the one show I’m going full Zero Dark Thirty on. No looking at twitter, no blogging my thoughts. I’m going to watch it on my terms, with my expectations set so fucking low. It’s the only way I think.

5.  I said this before, but at the anime community has no fucking idea on how to talk about Lolis. Whatever side of the issue you are on, we just can’t have a real conversation about it. It’s a shame really, because this is something that the anime fandom in the west is going to have to reckon with.

6. Before this month is over, I will review Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo. Which I learned now has an English dub! This requires further…research.

Hmm..probably shouldn’t have put this point after the Loli one..wait..have i done this before?

7.  The Summer of Love II is about halfway over now, and I’ve been enjoying it. I’ll admit, it hasn’t been the joyful rediscovering of the series like it was with High School DxD, but I’ve enjoyed it. Date A Live is, has always been, the B+ harem.

8. This weekend, did I spend over 400 dollars to purchase every single light novel from Sword Art Online, including the 6 volumes of progressive?


6 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Eight of my Anime Opinions: Last Round in England Edition

  1. If you can afford it, I can see it. It’s a big hunka money but it’s gonna be so nice to be able to sit down and read all the way through without pause for “oh yeah, that’s not out yet, available here, sold out, blah blah blah”.

    I sympathize a little with the anime communities problem discussing Loli’s . I admit, I had to back up and think about that a little myself, and I’m actually pretty open to alt-sexuality for a Westerner. Personally, I think we tend to go overboard on our sexual inhibitions and expecting everyone else to respect them – but maybe because I break all the rules and find most of them stupid in the first place. I also don’t take part in the anime community because of the drama over such discussions. Like you, I feel like you accept it or you don’t – it’s a personal decision – and get over it. And that’s the only real solution. The sooner Westerners get to grips with that, the better.

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