Don’t @ Me: Seven of my Anime Opinions: Back with the Canucks Edition

It’s Monday, I’m one year older, and I’m back with the fucking Canucks. Welcome back to Don’t @ Me, the place that, like Bercouli, I hit it and then quit it with my random thoughts on all things anime, manga and the like. Blogging will resume normally now that I’m all settled in, but until then I’m just gonna shoot my mouth off on whatever comes to mind. Let’s get into it after the cut.

Uzaki-chan wants to know if you're alright. | Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!  | Know Your Meme
Worse than Hitler, Stalin, Emo-Shinji, Episode 21 of Darling in the Franxx and Covid-19 put together. Apparently.


1. Just started reading Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: The Glory of the Losers, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a good extension of a monumental anime that frankly, hasn’t aged well. However they cut out of almost ALL of Relena’s introduction, which was fucking surprising as shit. I mean, Relena’s entire role is to just obsess over Heero, but she was a fine character.

2. Uzaki-Chan wants to Hang Out! isn’t good enough to deserve the hate it is getting. But I guess people are so fucking entrenched in ideological dogma that they can’t see things for what they are. Shame really, but she’s got a nice butt.

3. I mean fucking really. I’ve watched two episodes and I wasn’t overly blown away by it. But because some guy threw tantrum over her chest size, people have apparently zeroed in on this show as being the worst thing on the planet. I would have thought they’d have shit on something a little more popular, but I guess The God of High School is still in its honeymoon phase, and Sword Art Online blew it’s load in the first episode.

4. I’ve been listening to the Trash-Taste Podcast lately, a little anime show with some infamous youtubers. It’s quite a fun listen because you can tell these three people are friends and are just having a conversation, not putting on any airs. You should check it out if you have a laugh, even if you don’t care for anime YouTube.

5. I mean, I’ve been on record for being rather ‘meh’ about anitube in general, but this feels like a real podcast made by people who like anime, not trying to score points in either direction. I know there are a few channels that have rubbed people the wrong way, or are too “mainstream”, but this feels authentic, which is very important I think to many viewers.

6. Monster Girl Doctor isn’t the second season of Monster Musume that I (and everyone) wanted, but I’ve really enjoyed the peaceful slice of life (plus ecchi hijinks) that it’s offered so far. Hope it keeps that going.

7. Fellow WordPress bloggers. Has anyone, like ANYONE seen or heard from Karandi lately? She’s been off the grid for months now. I hope she’s alright.



14 thoughts on “Don’t @ Me: Seven of my Anime Opinions: Back with the Canucks Edition

  1. I was planning to watch the first two episodes of Uzaki-chan at least because the stupid controversy caught my attention. Though now people are saying an upcoming anime called Nagatoro is going to be ten times as explosive. It would be nice if people just watched the stuff they like and left the rest to their own fans.

    Anitube certainly has some obnoxious/egocentric people in it, but I like what I’ve seen of the guys involved in this podcast, will check it out.

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  2. After the stupid drama with Goblin Slayer, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Interspecies Reviewers, and Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out, it just makes me never want to watch those series. I don’t know if the drama is a corporate marketing ploy, to push the sales of mediocre/edgy shows, but it actually repulses me… I usually try out degenerate shlock, because I like absurd fanservice… but I haven’t tried Uzaki-chan because of the online propaganda. 😤

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  3. I have the first three volumes of Uzaki-chan manga and I find it fun but I suspect many of the throw off gags in the manga will be stretched out in anime form (for example the weird arm waves in the gif). By volume 3, she is feeding him and learning new dishes from her mother, effectively being the girlfriend position without the sex. I get the impression that her naivety about sex is the blocking point between them; he knows that he is sexually attracted to her but if he admitted it before she could handle it she would just make fun of him.

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  4. I have been really enjoying the Trash Taste Podcast. The podcast has been a lot of fun to listen to. It does feel like more of an authentic discussion then what you get on Youtube sometimes from these guys. I like how they have been talking about different aspects of life in Japan along with anime/manga stuff.

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  5. After finding some old drafts replying to her posts (and finishing them enough to publish them) and K doing the Good Content Train, I’ve been wondering a bit about Karandi too, but even pingbacks don’t summon her these days, it seems…


  6. Absurdly large breasts are such a fundamental part of anime I don’t think they’ll ever go away. Most anime is written with teenage Japanese male fantasies in mind. American females don’t have a lot of influence on the matter and even then, not all of them are particularly offended by it. It will be difficult for the political police to gin up a big enough of a cancel crew to cancel fetishized breasts in anime.

    I’ve posted how I think this fixation on big boobs detracts from an anime. It may even cause distress in younger females who mimic the hyped anxiety over boob size displayed on the screen. I don’t have a problem with large breasts, I just wish anime wouldn’t fetishize them in the fan service. Most teenage boys would be ecstatically happy to have access to any girl’s breasts, regardless of size.

    I’m not involved in social media enough to catch all the trivial controversies that get blown into mega-issues. All controversy ever does is enhance the viewership for the anime in question as people tune in to see what all the fuss is about. My suggestion, as always, is that if people don’t like something, they ought not to watch it.

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    • Breasts are fetishized in almost every entertainment medium, not just anime. Anime just loves playing that card, and like all fanservice, sometimes its done really well, sometimes it’s the opposite.

      Frankly, this strange hatred of Uzaki-chan is quite baffling, and reeks of people looking for a fight out of boredom. Makes me dread when Redo of a Healer comes out.


  7. “Uzaki-Chan wants to Hang Out! isn’t good enough to deserve the hate it is getting.”

    I’m to the point in my life where the world can rage against something, and if I like it, I like it. And I like this show. It’s not Re:CREATORS. It’s not Cowboy Bebop. But it’s fun. And the MC is college aged.

    And I love the GIF you picked for it.

    “Monster Girl Doctor isn’t the second season of Monster Musume that I (and everyone) wanted”

    I’m watching that, too. You’re right. It’s not what I wanted, but it’s not bad. My only real quibble is that it’s too timid. But then, I need to stop comparing it to Monster Musume, which is for some inexplicable reason one of my favorite anime series.

    Okay, it’s not _that_ inexplicable…

    “Has anyone, like ANYONE seen or heard from Karandi lately?”

    No. I’ve reached out a couple of times, but no answer. I know she loved her site and was invested in keeping it going, so I’m worried. Selfishly, I miss her writing. I looked forward to checking her site every day.

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